Vertex Saves the Day: Reducing Stress With Effective Data Management

When it comes time for an IDD or rehabilitative agency to undergo an audit, it is crucial that your data management solutions can deliver accurate and timely data. With features like our Client Payroll Manager and Case Manager, Vertex is able to provide the data that agencies need in order to ensure a successful audit.

Vertex’s tools make sure that your data is always up-to-date and compliant with regulations, so you can focus on what’s important – providing quality services to your consumers. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using Vertex software for IDD and rehabilitative agencies, and how you can make the most of these features when it comes time for the next audit.

Specialized Data Management Solutions for Greater Agency Compliance

As an IDD or rehabilitative agency, you are responsible for a large amount of data. How day-to-day information is collected while providing services can bring even the best-run agencies to its knees. When it comes to audits, government agencies like the Department of Labor (DOL) or Medicaid will require that your agency collect and maintain timely and accurate data and expect to review this data upon request. This can happen at any time, which is why having software solutions like Vertex’s in place to help you manage your data is so important.

For Medicaid, agencies require substantial documentation to verify that your agency is providing the funded services, that your methods are ethically sound, and that your consumers are ultimately benefiting from your agency’s services and care. Further, the DOL can pay a visit at any time to ensure that your agency is in line with regulations and that the accuracy of pay to your clients is fair and accurate.  With software like Vertex in place, however, you can be confident that your data is always accurate and compliant come time for an audit.

Vertex’s Case Manager feature stores, retrieves, and analyzes the consumer’s progress on objectives while Client Payroll Manager provides in-depth data for DOL audits. This can include earnings and prevailing wage histories, as well as piece rate time studies.  Vertex enables agencies to be proactive about data management and audits, rather than feeling blindsided when an audit request comes in.

Case Management & Client Payroll Solutions Agencies Can Rely On

Using Vertex’s Client Payroll Manager and Case Manager features provide you with the tools you need to bullet-proof your agency during an audit. Our Client Payroll feature is a cloud-based software solution that allows you to manage your consumer’s sub-minimum wage payroll data with ease. By maintaining a full history of all transactions related to employee earnings, your agency will be able to provide any and all data upon request.

Moreover, our Case Manager feature can be used to document case notes, service notes, progress, and supports to produce listings of what transpired on any given day or reporting period. Plus, if you need a visual representation of your consumer’s progress objectives, a specialized summary tool can be used to create a graph complete with the applicable data. And, for those of us who use our Source American (NISH) module, required quarterly reports can be automatically generated with our tools.

Streamline Your Agency’s Data Management with Vertex

Both the Client Payroll Manager and Case Manager features are designed to make data management easier for IDD and rehabilitative agencies. All of the above actions can be accomplished with a single source of data entry. Agencies that use our Vocational Time Touch application can simultaneously collect time spent on jobs or non-paid service time, record pieces when needed, and chart progress on objectives. When Vertex Billing Manager is installed, the time records then become the basis for your billing. This single-source of non-duplicated data entry can help to eliminate costly inaccuracies that result from manual entry – while saving your agency valuable time and money.

Time and time again, our Professional Services team will receive the “the auditors are here” call, oftentimes with the auditors requesting highly specific information about a client. Our customers are always relieved when we’re instantly able to point them to the correct report that will satisfy the auditor’s request. With Vertex at your side, you can always be confident that the auditor will receive the most timely and accurate information.

Bullet-Proof Your Audit with Vertex’s Comprehensive Solutions

With Vertex, agencies can focus on their mission while we help them maintain compliance with ease. Our software solutions will save you time and money by ascertaining the accuracy of your data, with the most timely delivery possible. With our comprehensive Client Payroll Manager and Case Manager features, you can be confident that your agency will pass any audit with flying colors. Get in touch with Vertex today to learn more about how Client Payroll and Case Manager can help you streamline your agency’s data management for better audit outcomes.

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