Rehab Management – Update Paths from versions starting at 7.3.0

Rehab Management – Update Paths from versions starting at 7.3.0

As of this writing, 7/28/2015, it has been several years since we sent out a general release.  Therefore, there are many Professional Support Team Members who have never performed Rehab Management Updates.  In the past, VRM customers were sent a CD, their Install Code, and instructions.  It was all pretty simple to do yet customers did run into problems and ended up calling us.  It used to be that customers who called for assistance with the update within 90 days of receiving the update would receive support under the support contract.  If they called after the 90 days, then it became billable if they called for help.  There were customers who were somewhat fearful up updating; some of the past updates did not go so well and customers held off until the bugs were exposed and fixed.  Others simply did not do it.  When the updates were done, there was a fax sheet that people would send back and we entered the completion into Seibel, the old customer contact tracking utility.  With Intuition, this all went away.  

When you find customers on older version of VRM, here are the steps to update them.





The install CD’s have been zipped into one file that can be found here:

P:RM SUPPORTCD_ImagesVRM 751 752 769 775.zip

To update, you will need the customer’s install code.  It’s found in the Customer System:

*****NOTE TO PERSON ASSIGNED: there was a space in the old KB like an image should be here but no image was there. 

The first three characters of the install code (MmR) are replaced with the three numbers of the release you are installing.  If you are installing 7.5.1, the you replace MmR with 7.5.1.  Copy the code to the clipboard and you can paste the code into the install code field each time you update if there are multiple updates.

You will need the SYSDBA password for the updates.  Usually this code is not changed and should be “masterkey”.  However, if the customer has changed the password, you will need to obtain the password before you begin as you cannot update VRM without it.

At the end of each update, there is a confirmation fax sheet that you can print out.  Be sure to uncheck the box as you do not need this and it slows down the last step of the update.

You will need to install each of the updates in the order listed.

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