4 Key Software Tools for Rehabilitation Agencies

 When it comes to software solutions for agencies serving people with disabilities and rehabilitation facilities, there are three major challenges: data and tools spread across numerous systems, complex solutions that are difficult to use, and systems that are too broad, not specific to your industry. Vertex has considered each of these challenges and developed one comprehensive software solution built specifically for agencies that does the work from start to finish, so you can spend more time doing work that matters. This blog highlights how our core four components sync together to create the best system for your agency.

Boost Customer Care with Case Manager

Manage all customer documentation, the services your agency provides, and measure goals and objectives in real-time. The Case Manager provides end-to-end customer care by gathering information from the referral intake, program enrollment, service delivery, and concluding with the discharge from the agency.

Ease Invoicing with Billing Manager

Directly bill or invoice funders based on customer information stored in the Billing Manager. Components in Case Manager automatically go to billing for accuracy and ease-of-use. The billing component also shares daily feedback of company services delivered to clients compared to the services that were authorized for individual client care.

Quickly Calculate Time and Attendance with Vocational Time Manager

Time tracking is streamlined with the ability to clock multiple customers in and out of piece rate or hourly pay jobs and all other paid or unpaid activities. This system additionally calculates your customers’ work and attendance automatically. This tool is  a complete employee time and attendance system. It enables your team to record start and end times, service delivery, track attendance and accrual balances, request time off and communicate these updates with employees.

Ensure Compliance with Client Payroll Manager

Client Payroll Manager streamlines the process of calculating earnings under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. It gives your staff the powerful tool they need to accurately track productivity and due dates for prevailing wage surveys and time studies, while ensuring Department of Labor compliance. When all of the time tracking and scheduling is complete, all details easily export to your accounting or payroll software. 

These four core products, Case Manager, Billing Manager, Vocational Time Manager and Client Payroll Manager, seamlessly function together and complement your current software technologies well, allowing your agency to fulfill all of its administrative needs with one, robust system. See a glimpse of the software by watching the video  below. Contact a Vertex representative at (866) 981-2600 for a short demo to learn all of the benefits available on the Vertex platform.

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