A Calendar of Inclusivity: Celebrate National and International IDD Days

Several national and international days are coming up this year that celebrate diversity and inclusion. For individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD), these days are a way to raise awareness about the challenges they face and their unique gifts and contributions to society.

This past March was developmental disabilities month, and Vertex celebrated by helping IDD agencies further their mission of providing excellent care and services. This post will go over additional key dates on the calendar this year and explore how you can get involved in the celebrations.

Disability Pride Month

July marks Disability Pride Month, where we celebrate the inception of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Act fundamentally changed how people with disabilities are included in our society and can be honored by supporting organizations that empower those with disabilities, increasing awareness, and actively engaging with IDD resource groups.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day occurs on May 18th of this year. This important day is focused on raising awareness of the digital inclusion and accessibility needs of more than one billion people with disabilities or impairments. Join the celebration by attending events, spreading knowledge, and showing your support.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day 

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day is celebrated on May 30th every year. The MS International Federation created the holiday 14 years ago to unite those affected by MS in a global effort to raise awareness and advance the fight against this debilitating disease. Show your support for those living with MS by attending a walk or event, volunteering, or participating in research or clinical trials.

World Autism Day 

World Autism Day occurred this week, April 2nd, and is an international day of awareness and acceptance. Each year, this holiday is celebrated to recognize, commemorate and support the diverse neurodiversity in our communities. World Autism Day is an opportunity to share stories, listen to those with autism, advocate for increased opportunities and resources, and normalize neurodiversity.

Learning Disability Week

Learning Disability Week (June 19-25) is an annual celebration promoting the understanding and acceptance of those living with disabilities. Activities such as games and art projects are encouraged to appreciate the unique strengths of neurodivergent individuals. This event is a perfect example of how we can support a far more inclusive world for people with disabilities. 

Deafblind Awareness Week 

Deafblindness Awareness Week occurs the last week of June each year and celebrates those with dual impairments of deafness and blindness. It encourages us to recognize these individuals with disabilities and to provide greater accessibility, inclusivity, and equality in society. The holiday also honors the achievements of Helen Keller, an inspirational figure for this community.

Blindness Awareness Month 

Blindness Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to recognize the importance of Braille and other forms of reading for those with visual impairments. During October, National Braille Week (Oct 10th-16th) and White Cane Awareness Day (October 15th) are recognized with activities that raise awareness and open the world of literature to those blind or visually impaired.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

This December 3rd, join the world in celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This holiday was established in 1992 to promote the rights, dignity, and well-being of persons with disabilities. Show your support by donating to disability charities, getting involved with public policy initiatives that focus on accessibility, and sharing messages of support on social media. 

National Disability Independence Day 

National Disability Independence Day occurs during Disability Pride month on July 26th and celebrates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a significant milestone in the fight for disability rights. This day is an opportunity to recognize how far we’ve come and to continue striving towards a world where all disabilities are included and celebrated.

International Week of the Deaf 

International Week of the Deaf is a week-long celebration honoring those in the disability community who are deaf and hard of hearing. This celebration is held annually during the last full week of September, those impacted by deafness come together to recognize and celebrate these individuals and their unique cultures. This year’s theme is “Building Inclusive Communities for All,” encouraging people to help out with volunteering or fundraising for local organizations that seek to empower those with deafness. 

Vertex: Supporting and Celebrating Those with Disabilities Daily

Our team at Vertex strives to help provide resources, support, and understanding for those living with a disability. We recognize the importance of celebrating their unique culture, advocating for change, and creating a more inclusive society. From World Autism Day to International Week of the Deaf, we’re proud to help facilitate greater independence and increased opportunities for those with disabilities through our IDD agency software solutions.

Contact Vertex today to see how we are supporting and celebrating those with disabilities each and every day.

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