A Look Back on Vertex’s Attendance at the 2023 ARRM Forward Annual Conference

Last month, Vertex attended the ARRM Forward Annual Conference on July 25th and 26th, 2023, at the Mystic Lake Center in Prior Lake, Minnesota, to gain insights and knowledge relevant to the industry. Our team was very impressed by the conference offerings, which included keynote speaker sessions, informative presentations, interactive programming, and networking opportunities that allowed attendees to learn about the latest trends, practices, and ideas in the IDD community.

About the ARRM Conference & Its Role in the IDD Industry

ARRM Forward Annual Conference is a premier event supporting Minnesota’s IDD industry by connecting professionals, organizations, and communities in a collaborative effort to advance the field’s quality, safety, and sustainability. The conference addresses key issues in the IDD industry in Minnesota, provides attendees access to diverse education opportunities, and is excellent for attendees at any experience level or sector. At Vertex, we believe in the power of collaboration, and the ARRM Conference makes it possible by offering a platform where professionals can come together, share their knowledge and experiences, and explore new ways to make an impact.

Interesting Keynote Speakers & Presentations at the ARRM Conference

The conference featured some of the most outstanding keynote speakers in the IDD space, including Mark Mayfield, Jesse Ross, Alaina Gallagher, Anna Hegland, Kathy Larson, Anna MacIntyre, Jeffrey Mortimore, Billie Hendrickson, Claire Benway, and Megan Sanders. These speakers addressed critical issues facing the IDD community today, provided valuable insights, and offered practical solutions to common challenges. Some covered topics stood out to us, including Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) software, cultural self-awareness as a tool for effective change, understanding assistive technology and remote support, and the power of IDD community connections.

Our Favorite Part of Attending the ARRM Forward Annual Conference

Meeting people with a shared passion for the IDD industry was our favorite part of attending the ARRM Conference at Vertex. We had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of professionals enthusiastic about serving the IDD industry and providing the best care possible. We were particularly excited to network with like-minded individuals, discuss the challenges we face, and share innovative solutions to help us make a real impact.

Vertex is Committed to Furthering Our Knowledge in the IDD Space

At Vertex, we remain committed to developing innovative solutions and supporting the IDD community’s ongoing efforts to deliver the highest quality care. We believe the ARRM Conference was an essential event that allowed us to gain insights, connect with professionals, and learn from some of the top minds in the IDD industry. We look forward to attending future conferences, staying up-to-date on best practices and trends, and supporting the IDD community in every way possible. Contact our team to get started today!

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