EVV Manager by Vertex

Vertex’s EVV Advocate is a tailor made app created to assist IDD agencies collect and report service time and location information as mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act Section 12006(a).

Streamlining Care Delivery with Advanced EVV Technology

Vertex’s electronic visit verification software, EVV Manager, is designed for IDD agencies providing in-home care services. It ensures that every home visit is effortlessly documented and electronically verified.

Enhance Compliance & Drive Greater Efficiency with EVV Manager

rehab agency erp EVV Advocate

Our Vertex EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) app delivers unparalleled support to IDD agencies. It empowers caregivers with the ability to view their schedules, document services, obtain turn-by-turn driving directions, capture electronic signatures, and take notes using voice or keyboard. Importantly, it harvests real-time location data to meet regulatory requirements. Integrated flawlessly with Vertex’s Case Manager and Electronic Billing modules, EVV Manager bridges the gap between care and compliance.

Tailor Made for Growing IDD Agencies

Achieve new levels of productivity and compliance in your IDD agency with Vertex’s EVV Manager, a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for EVV compliance.


Maintain Compliance

EVV Manager adheres strictly to the mandates of the 21st Century Cures Act Section 12006(a), maintaining commendable compliance levels and delivering peace of mind to all stakeholders. As a result, the app streamlines your service operations, ensuring timely delivery of information for audit preparation.


Streamline IDD Agency Processes

Precision is non-negotiable. Our EVV software pinpoints, stores, and reports the Direct Support Professional’s (DSP) location at the inception and conclusion of a session. With session notes entered, signed, and collated, the end of a session signals an immediate, automatic data relay to the Vertex Case Manager module and your State’s aggregator.


Simplified Billing

Billing complications are no longer a concern with EVV’s simplified electronic billing capabilities. With Vertex Billing Manager’s utilization of the same service records crafted by EVV Manager, agencies can streamline billing processes and reduce the burden on administrative staff.


Greater Accuracy in Reporting

Precision in documenting service delivery is crucial. The EVV App guarantees this accuracy by seamlessly uploading EVV service delivery data straight to your State’s aggregator, proactively addressing any discrepancies to ensure smooth reimbursement.


Greater Transparency in Feedback

The EVV system facilitates a transparent channel for DSPs to input service notes during sessions. Management can access comprehensive data via the Case Manager module, thereby enhancing feedback and managerial oversight.

Start Streamlining Care Delivery Today With EVV Manager

Contact us today to discover how our solutions redefine IDD service delivery and elevate your operational standards. Your agency’s transformation is just a click away.

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