Gain Clarity & Actionable Insights With Reporting Tools for IDD Agencies

The disability services industry is evolving, and with it comes an increased need for software solutions that simplify how IDD agencies manage billing objectives, break down relevant data, and analyze client productivity and earnings. 

Vertex System’s reporting tools offer a user-friendly solution to do just that, so your agency can gain clarity and actionable insights from daily activities. Today we will discuss how Vertex System’s reporting tools can help your IDD agency increase efficiency and accuracy in client data collection.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools Designed for the Disability Services Industry

For IDD agencies, the ability to generate a wide range of reports covering core billing and client activities is invaluable. That’s why Vertex Systems offers easy-to-use data entry solutions that simplify data collection in IDD agency settings. In fact, Vertex Modules come with a robust, well-vetted library of reports to assist your review, data analysis, and accuracy of data that has been entered. 

IDD agencies should consider using the following reports for streamlined data entry, analysis, and summary:

Reporting for Billing

Vertex Billing Manager’s primary reporting tools include multiple versions of reports to assist your authorization utilization. Our reports monitor where the participant’s numbers started with the original authorization and proceed to update the balances each time a billing is generated. We also report for a service time that has been delivered but has yet to be billed to show you how many service units that you will be able to bill.

A/R Analysis Tool

Vertex Systems’ Billing Manager reports include payment tracking, whether electronically or manually, and we offer comprehensive monitoring and reporting of denials. This unique reporting tool provides a subsidiary ledger with all billing transactions, voids, rebills, write-offs, etc.. by consumer by reporting period.

Demographic Reports

Our Case Manager module includes several options for generating Demographic reports, which are vital in providing quick, easy access to client data. Using Vertex’s Consumer Characteristics Summary to break down selectable demographic areas, users gain detailed insights into how many participants are in each category per month.

Summary Reports

Vertex’s unparalleled Summary Report can be used to gather, analyze, and present client progress and all services rendered. This kind of utility enables users to collect documentation data during the customizable reporting period and shows the findings clearly and concisely for a more straightforward analysis and data summary.

Employee Productivity History Reports

The Employee Productivity History reports are a significant highlight of Vertex’s reporting tools, which allow users to gather and analyze earnings and productivity information for each participant.

Report Filters

Each of our reports allows users to define certain parameters to filter specific data points. This includes data ranges, one more service program, and one or multiple participants. Below is an example of Vertex Case Manager report selection:

Vertex Systems: Comprehensive Report Generation for Disability Services

IDD agencies can make better-informed decisions regarding their services and client needs using our reporting tools. Vertex Systems provides comprehensive report generation and data analysis tools that make organizing and tracking critical information within your IDD agency easy. Our reports are designed to improve accuracy and efficiency in your agency’s operations by allowing you to quickly analyze client progress, productivity, billing objectives, and other key areas.

We understand the unique needs of the disability services industry and strive to make sure our solutions are in alignment with industry standards and expectations. Contact Vertex today to learn more about our IDD agency software solutions.

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