How IDD Agencies Can Benefit From a Unified Scheduling and Payroll Solution

If you work with an IDD agency, then you know that payroll and scheduling are two of the most important aspects of your operation. And when you’re short on staff,  it can be difficult to keep track of everything. This is where a unified payroll and scheduling solution like Vertex’s TimeWorksPlus comes in. 

Vertex offers comprehensive employee scheduling and payroll software that makes handling these important processes a breeze. In this blog post, we will discuss how Vertex’s staffing and payroll solutions can benefit IDD agencies as well as how our solutions can simplify your operations.

Scheduling & Payroll Solutions that Save Time & Labor

As an IDD agency, you are likely always looking for ways to save time and labor. After all, time is money. For this reason, Vertex offers a comprehensive suite of scheduling and payroll solutions that  can save your agency valuable time and resources. With more and more agencies reporting being understaffed and overworked, these solutions are critical to maintaining a high level of efficiency and productivity despite changing work environments and staff workload.

Our employee scheduling software, TimeWorksPlus, is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to manage schedules in real time. And with Vertex Vocational Time Manager, agencies that operate day and vocational programs can benefit from easy scheduling and wage calculation. Finally, our module Time Simplicity Plus resolves lags in communication regarding schedules through its quick notification system and ability to update schedules in real-time.

All of these features combined make for a payroll solution that is centralized and easy-to-use. Our modules are specifically designed to combine the scheduling and payroll processes so that your IDD agency will not bear the consequences of a dwindling workforce and inefficient systems.

The Features of a Complete Staffing and Payroll Solution for IDD Agencies

So, what exactly does our solution entail? Here is a breakdown of the all the benefits and features your IDD agency can take advantage of by using Vertex’s payroll and scheduling solution:

Simplified Clock-in & Clock-out

Vertex’s TimeWorksPlus module allows staff to punch in and out via a punch clock through the app or on-site with a biometric clock.

Record Time from Any Location

By using geofencing, geocoding, and IP address tracking, we make it possible for our timesheet software to be accessed from any location.

Manage Schedules & Payroll All in One Place

Our solution allows your staff to easily request time off for different shifts, ensuring that all shifts are covered. The attendance of your staff can also be easily exported to the payroll processor, making managing your payroll a breeze. Paying via check or direct deposit can all be done from one place. Plus, the financial ledger can be managed here as well, including taxes and financial records for audits.

Save Time & Labor with Vertex Systems’ Innovative Solutions

Payroll and scheduling can be two of the most time consuming aspects of IDD agency operations, especially when you’re short on staff. That’s why Vertex offers a complete payroll and staffing solution that is designed to save you time and labor. With our easy-to-use employee scheduling and payroll solutions, you can manage schedules in real time and simplify the payroll process all from one place. And with great features designed to make time tracking and payroll easier than ever, your IDD agency can avoid the negative consequences of a diminished workforce.

Watch our video to see first-hand how everything works together. Contact Vertex today to learn more about how our payroll and staffing solutions can benefit your IDD agency!

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