How Tools Save Time: End-to-End Data Sharing Across Departments

As a service provider in the IDD agency realm, your primary mission is to deliver the high-quality services your clients require and deserve. Even on the best days, your direct service providers (DSPs) spend too much time recording service time, jotting down piece counts, recording progress, and, most likely, using multiple paper clipboards for various data collections. Unexpected incidents are all too common and can rob you of precious time that could be better spent. 

Reclaiming time and improving accuracy are essential for ongoing operations at your IDD agency. When it comes time to pay your clients and bill for services, you sit and watch as your billing staff manually enters the same service time your DSP wrote on paper. This assumes the billing clerk entering the records can read what was written. Investing in Vertex, however, can make a significant difference in how your IDD agency shares data across departments. 

Realizing Significant Time Savings with Vertex’s Software for IDD Agencies 

While you can’t always plan for the unexpected, users are empowered to create a time-saving reality by utilizing Vertex’s software solutions for IDD agencies. 

Time savings begin at the start of the data chain by having your DSPs enter time records as they happen. From there, the time entered is utilized by Client Payroll Manager for calculating gross payroll, Case Manager for supporting documentation, and Billing Manager for sending the invoices. One entry is all it takes! No longer will users have to fumble for clipboards and paper; they simply tap on a tablet screen.

For your Case Managers or other supervisors, when it’s time to perform summaries, all pertinent information is displayed in one place for the user to review, assess, and summarize. Your DSP won’t have to hunt for the client’s goal sheet; all information necessary to enter progress is available from the same interface for entering vocational time. Further, automatically finalizing a summary places a copy of the completed review in the client’s permanent records. 

Streamlined Data Exchange Through Client Payroll & eBilling Software 

When staff utilizes Vertex’s payroll timekeeping software in their respective departments, they can punch in or out from their mobile device or physical clock. From there, they can use that same data to import into your payroll system for convenient check printing.  

Your business office department will likely recognize the most time savings, as duplicate data entry will be a thing of the past. Billing is simple: a few clicks and electronic files are automatically generated and submitted. Now, billing processing tasks that usually take days are reduced to minutes.

Vertex’s Billing Manager has reportedly saved our clients up to 80% of processing time. IDD agencies can reclaim hours of duplicate data entry. 

Vertex: Maximizing Valuable Time & Resources for Thriving IDD Agencies 

Is your IDD agency maximizing its time spent on tasks? Can you quantify how much time you spend entering the same time records over and over? How about all the spreadsheets you use when processing billing – how many different files do you need to access? How hard is it to transfer payroll information to your general ledger? These are worthwhile considerations when seeking a comprehensive IDD agency software solution. 

The time spent on these tasks adds up over a week, month, or even years. Vertex’s time-saving solutions enable IDD agencies to reclaim the time they desperately need to continue rendering care. Contact Vertex today to see how much time 

Let Vertex help you reclaim the time you do desperately need.

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