How Payroll Software Simplifies Earnings Tracking for IDD Agencies

Those working in the IDD space know that payroll can be complicated. Not only do you have to track employee hours and wages, but you must also comply with Department of Labor regulations. That’s where Vertex Systems makes a real difference.

Our Client Payroll Software is a robust cloud-based tool that simplifies earnings tracking for agencies like yours. With our system, you can maintain compliance and streamline the calculation of payments for employees with disabilities working for your organization. This post will discuss how Vertex’s payroll software makes life easier for IDD agencies as well as their clients.

IDD Agencies Face Unique Challenges with Client Payroll Accuracy

IDD agencies face unique challenges in accurately tracking client payroll. This is because ineffective and disparate systems make it difficult to track the exact amount of time each client works. Additionally, IDD agencies must keep detailed records on the amount of time a client works and how well they perform a task to assess their progress and remain compliant with department of labor regulations. As such, IDD agencies must ensure their payroll accuracy is up to par or risk facing potential consequences during a random audit. 

IDD agencies must also be able to accurately track labor costs and benefits and manage WH-226a reporting in a manner that is compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This requires IDD agencies to understand the FLSA and procedures for tracking payroll expenses, labor costs, and benefits. Additionally, these organizations must carefully manage all documents related to client payroll and provide proof of compliance with applicable laws.

The Immediate Benefits of Payroll Software for IDD Agencies

There are several benefits resulting from investing in Vertex’s payroll software for IDD agencies. The system ensures accurate and secure time-tracking, meaning payroll data will always be accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. Furthermore, Vertex ensures changes in prevailing wage or updated time studies are automatically recalculated and corrected before they result in costly errors or inaccuracies Vertex Systems is also great for agencies that are moving to a minimum wage model.  Our software can track pieces even when the pay is not based on piece rate and offers robust reporting for reimbursement from your customers.

Users can also generate quarterly reports that provide complete visibility into staff performance and pay across all departments in the agency.

With a solution like Client Payroll, agencies can streamline their financial operations quickly and cost-effectively. Our client payroll software automates processes such as hoursub-minimum wage payroll, productivity calculations, job labor cost, benefits tracking, and WH-226a applications; so organizations can save time and increase efficiency. Additionally, advanced features such as gross earnings calculations and using different payroll applications for check printing and viewing withholdings make it easier to manage finances while staying in compliance with NISH reporting.

Nonprofit Payroll Software Designed with IDD Agencies in Mind

Vertex’s payroll software was designed with IDD agencies in mind. Our system has been precision-engineered to meet the unique needs of organizations that provide services and support to persons with disabilities. Now, users can save time on payroll accuracy, improve financial operations, and ensure accurate tracking of labor costs and benefits while maintaining total compliance.

Interested in learning more about Vertex’s payroll software and how it can help your IDD organization? Get in touch with our experts today to learn more!

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