The Top Benefits of Vertex Financials for IDD Agencies

Vertex Financials’ software suite offers a wide range of features and functionality that enables agencies to effectively manage their financial requirements, while remaining easy-to-use and highly efficient. With rich reporting capabilities and the ability to drill down into data dimensions, users can get the information they need quickly and easily. Our scalable financial management solution ensures that IDD agencies can get the most out of our products and continue to do what they do best – providing care to those who need it. In this blog post, we will go over some of the top benefits that Vertex Financials offers IDD agencies.

What is Vertex Financials & What are its Benefits?

Vertex Financials is a comprehensive financial management software solution that offers agencies the ability to efficiently and effectively manage their finances. Providing rich features and functionality in areas such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, as well as Purchasing and Sales, users can generate financial statements and budgets with ease. Additionally, Vertex Financials’ dimension-based data recording and drill downs give users the ability to slice and dice information according to preference, making this a highly versatile and flexible solution. 

That being said, IDD agencies can reap a number of benefits from using Vertex Financials. Below are some of the top advantages that our software solution offers:

A Full Audit Trail

One of the key benefits that Vertex Financials offers IDD agencies is a full audit trail. With this  feature, agencies can easily track and monitor all financial transactions. Further, a full audit trail can be of exceptional value to prove legibility of transactions when an IDD agency is undergoing an audit.

Attach Source Documents

Another great feature of Vertex Financials is the ability to attach source documents. This allows departments within IDD agencies to easily review a charge by referring to the original document allocated. Many applications lack this critical feature, creating confusion and wasting valuable time.

Fixed Assets Linked to the General Ledger

With Vertex Financials, fixed assets are linked to the agency’s General Ledger. This feature enables users to set up fixed assets in order to automatically drive acquisition, depreciation and disposal entries to the General Ledger. As a result, repetitive data entry is eliminated and a considerable amount of time is saved.

Online Real Time GL Reporting

Vertex Financials’ online real-time GL reporting is a revolutionary way for IDD agencies to view their financial data. With this feature, Receivables, Payables, Inventory and all other sub modules are linked with the GL for online real-time data.

Use of Multiple and Unlimited Budgets

Vertex Financials software solution allows the use of multiple and unlimited budgets. IDD agencies can create as many budgets as they need, as this feature provides multiple/unlimited budgets to report against. Budget forecasts can easily be swapped in and out, and budgets can  be imported to, adjusted in and exported from Microsoft Excel, making a 5% revision a 5 minute task.

Produce Financial Statements Quickly and Easily

Vertex Financials also makes it easy for IDD agencies to produce financial statements. With our financial management solution, users can create their own financial statements through the built-in powerful financial statement writer. Moreover, the Microsoft Excel integration enables the use of Jet Reports, an Excel add-on. Simply query the database to get your desired reports.

Variety of Journals   

There are also a variety of journals available with Vertex Financials’ solution. Users can make use of a variety of journals, whether they are one time transactions, recurring transactions or reversals. Users save time by setting up journals for recurring transactions, leaving only one step for users to complete the transaction when needed.

Banking Made Easy

Banking is also made easy with Vertex Financials software. With our solution, users can reconcile their bank accounts quickly and easily. Supporting direct deposits (ACH) and positive pay, IDD agencies can save tons of time while streamlining their banking processes.

Reliable Security Framework

Vertex Financials also has a reliable security framework that ensures only authorized personnel have access to the data they need. This solution uses windows authentication and users can be limited to their daily tasks, thereby protecting sensitive financial data.

Modular Extendability

The modular extendability of Vertex Financials is another great feature that IDD agencies can take advantage of. With the ability to extend to work with Vertex Payroll and Vertex Production, businesses can enjoy seamless operations processes going forward.

A Highly Flexible Software Solution for IDD Agencies

Vertex Financials is a highly flexible software solution that can be customized to meet the unique needs of IDD agencies. Our comprehensive financial suite enables users the ability to track, manage, and process payroll when extended with Vertex Payroll. As an end-to-end IDD agency solution, Vertex Financials is geared for monitoring and managing operations while providing IDD agencies the convenience and flexibility they need.

Further, Vertex Financials is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s framework, and it is enhanced by Vertex to suit IDD agency requirements. IDD agencies of all sizes can benefit from Vertex Financials – with small agencies  being able to take advantage of a low-cost solution that is easy to implement and use, and larger agencies benefiting from the scalability of the solution that can offer greater capabilities to meet their needs.

With Vertex Financials, accessibility and adaptability are two key aspects surrounding the solution. Vertex Financials is cloud-hosted and accessible from desktops and mobile devices, with our on-premise solution being available upon request. Users find Vertex’s financial software suite easy to adapt to, as it follows the look and feel of other common Microsoft web based

Why Vertex Financials?

Vertex Financials is a comprehensive financial software solution that offers IDD agencies the features and functionality they need to manage their financials efficiently and effectively. We offer a variety of benefits that make managing your agency’s financials less complex and time-consuming, which is great for your bottom line. If you would like to learn more about Vertex Financials and how our software solution can benefit your IDD agency, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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