The Steps to Growing a Successful IDD Agency

IDD agencies choose Vertex to increase growth and efficiency. Connect disparate systems, reduce administrative effort, and eliminate record-keeping errors with our powerful cloud-based software. By following these steps, you can assist in growing your IDD agency.

Step 1: Your Software Should Help You Scale

Vertex’s programs are focused on helping agencies allocate resources and efforts effectively, so your IDD agency can experience growth. With Vertex, you have the power to choose software modules as needed, while adding features module by module. With Vertex, IDD agencies are enabled to reduce disparate systems for one cohesive solution, accommodate tighter budgets while increasing productivity, and eliminate the need for additional investments in software or network infrastructure.

Step 2: Manage Your Finances with Ease 

Manage your finances with effective accounting and financial modules that give you the core financials and trade functionality you need. With Vertex Financials, you can easily keep track of your agency’s spending and budget, ensuring that your agency remains financially healthy. This includes the ability to purchase and sell items and materials, manage billables that are generated by consultants, as well as maintain control of finances through pertinent insights. 

Step 3: Invest in Tools that Maximize Revenue

Invest in tools that will help you maximize revenue from your prime and subcontract operations. Your solution should allow you to see the profitability of jobs that are in progress, as well as let you know if a job is underperforming so you can take corrective action. With enhanced access to actionable information, IDD agencies can make better informed decisions. Further, agencies can also avoid storage expenses and eliminate dead stock, while also being able to follow order and fulfillment invoices so that you never miss an order again. 

Step 4: Choose a Tool That Streamlines Billing 

Vertex provides daily feedback that compares all services and services authorized for each client. This information allows agencies to make better informed decisions about where to provide more or less services. As a result, many IDD agencies will see increased revenue. Other outcomes include IDD agencies being able to maximize their services offerings, as much as 70% saved in staff hours spent on billing tasks, as well as easier electronic billing that tracks all billing-related financial information.

Step 5: Consider Vertex Systems as a Solution

Growing your IDD agency can be difficult, but with the right tools it can be a breeze. With Vertex, there is no software investment or network infrastructure needed to get up and running. Vertex offers software bundles based on your organizational needs, so you can connect disparate systems and run more efficiently. Investing in a Vertex solution allows IDD agencies to eliminate error prone record keeping and increase service utilization, stop putting out small fires and focus on productivity, and grow and expand as a whole. 

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