How to Increase Customer Service While Managing Increased Workload and Staffing Shortages

 Are you struggling to hire? Do you feel like your team is taking on more projects and working more hours than ever before? Are you unable to dedicate as much time to serving customers due to employee churn? 

Currently, rehab centers, developmental disability facilities, and healthcare organizations are facing major challenges due to shortages in staffing while there is an increase in patient care and overall workload. Because of these staff shortages, people are often seeing a decrease in the quality of service or care they are receiving, employees are working double the hours and tracking staff hours has become more challenging. Vertex provides integrated software modules that work together to solve these challenges while meeting customer expectations.

Track Billing Per Work Time

Tracking billing and maintaining a proper workflow can become a tedious task for rehabilitation centers and IDD agencies. With billing due to be completed within just a few days, your team needs to verify service time records from time sheets submitted by various staff members, all in different formats, systems and sent by various people. The spreadsheets are endless as you work to measure planned schedules to actual time worked and swimming through a sea of timesheet changes. By streamlining these tasks with a modular, integrated software solution, you can boost the efficiency and productivity of your employees while increasing the time they have to care for patients. 

Vertex delivers cloud-based Billing Manager software that tracks everything for you and gives a live view of all current financial information and authorization amounts. It tackles:

  • Calculating the proper number of units and cost to bill
  • Managing authorizations
  • Preparing billing invoices
  • Applying payments
  • Handling re-billing, if necessary
  • Verifying documentation

Comprehensive and organized records also help maintain the quality of your service. With Vertex Systems billing software, your nonprofit can save as much as 70% in staff hours spent on billing tasks! By saving staff time in the billing process, employees are able to focus on the quality of service they provide to your customers. It’s a win-win.

Manage Staff Efficiently Through Scheduling

To increase the customer service your nonprofit agency provides for people with disabilities, you need to manage your employees and their shifts. A haphazard and chaotic workflow can hinder the productivity of your employees. Scheduling mix-ups can cause a reduction in customer care or, possibly, a missed opportunity to provide care due to lack of available staff. Managing the staff, increasing the output of your employees, and maintaining strong customer service are areas you cannot allow to fade. To get your staff scheduled and monitored efficiently and accurately, Vertex has just the software solution for you.

With the Vertex TimeWorksPlus and Time Simplicity, you can manage the issues that may arise with your staff. These software functions help increase productivity and bring the most beneficial schedule to the forefront. You can accommodate employees’ choices, manage different schedules, even at various locations to avoid double-booking, and enforce accountability.

Optimizing by Pairing the Modules You Need

Implement Vertex Systems and watch your staff enjoy spending more time with clients and your administrative team appreciate a reduced workload. Even with staffing shortages, your small-scale team will remain focused on supporting customers while Vertex software solutions manage the documentation, billing, scheduling and tracking. Whether your rehabilitation agency is growing or is already a full-scale operation, you can improve your agency’s processes, workload, productivity, and top and bottom-line revenue with robust software solutions. To learn how the Vertex solution seamlessly integrates the modules you need and can help manage your staff even with increased workloads, reach out to an expert on our team.

At Vertex, our team is committed to facilitating IDDs and rehabilitation agencies with our innovative tools and exceptional customer support. Our system offers many other benefits to help your agency exceed your customer expectations. To learn more about our modules, schedule time with our team!

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