A deadlock was detected error in Client Payroll Calculator

When you receive an error message referencing a Deadlock error, it refers to two users  trying to access the same information at once.  This happened during the post and came with this error ‘Errors occurred calculating job step employee rates.  The post was aborted.’

The most likely cause is that someone was trying to modify the job step rates while another user was trying to post.  This also happens when users are trying to use the ‘Undo Build’ option.

1.)  Make sure everyone is out of the system before you attempt to post again.

2.)  Stop and restart the InterBase services (on the server) by accessing Start | Settings | Control Panel | Services.

This is all that is needed most of the time. It’s probably a good idea to run a database validation while everyone is still out (no one can be in the database while you do this).  If there are errors, then repair and do an IB backup and restore of the database.

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