Add a New User for a VCloud Customer

  1. Run OpenVPN as Administrator.
  2. From system tray, right click OpenVPN and select connect – login with OpenVPN  credentials.
  3. Launch RDP session and go to IP address:
  4. Login with your VCloud credentials.
  5. Navigate to Active Directory | Users and Computers.
  6. Find user’s Company name and right click on a current user and select Copy.
  7. Create username – Always 1st Initial Last name; click on Save.  If you receive a message that the name is already in use, add a number to the end of the name.  For example, if there was already a JDOE, then you’ll use JDOE2
  8. Create password – first four characters are company’s Vertex Customer Number, then use random password generator for last 5 characters. Save.
  9. Enter data into CRM under Customer’s account (VCloud info).
  10. Test login.

You’ll need to send the User Name and Password to the client.  Follow these steps:

  1. Create Word document containing password for user.
  2. Password protect the Word document. Use customer numberVertex! (example: 1234Vertex!) and attach to the support ticket.
  3. Send email with the Word document attachment to customer.
  4. Send separate second email with password to open the Word document.
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