Building a payroll batch in Client Payroll Manager

Building Payroll

Follow your agency’s standard method for naming batches. Batches have both a batch code and a batch description. 

Building a payroll batch:

  1. In Client Payroll Manager, open the Build Payroll subject.
  2. Click add.
  3. In the Batch field, type an alphanumeric code to identify the payroll batch.
  4. In the Description field, type a description of the batch.
  5. In the Start date and Stop date field, enter the date range for the time records that should be included in this batch.
  6. In the Base hours field, enter the number of hours each employee is expected to work in this pay period. This number is used for comparison in the Payroll Exception report.
  7. In the Filing status field, select whether W2 employees, 1099 employees, or both should be included in the payroll batch.
  8. In the Check date field, enter the date that checks will be issued for this batch.
  9. Select the employees to be included in this payroll batch.NOTE: If you want to pay all employees according to their home branch or department (the branch and department entered in the Employee Setup subject), select employees using the Employees in branch/dept/shift option. All time records for the selected employees will be included, regardless of which branch or department the employee worked in during the pay period.

    If you want to pay employees only for the time worked in a specific branch or department (as recorded on the time record), select time records using the Time Records in Branch/Dept option. The employee will be paid only for the time they worked in the specified branch or department. This could result in the employee’s earnings being split across more than one payroll build. Before using this option you should understand how the earnings will be handled in your gross-to-net software.

  10. Both selections are “or” selections. If the employee is in any of the selected branches, OR departments, OR shifts, the employee is included in the payroll build. If the time record has any of the selected branches OR departments, the time record is included in the payroll build.
  11. Click build. The status bar shows the progress of the build. It is very important that you do not stop or reset you computer while the payroll is processing. Payroll processing could take up to 20 minutes if you are processing a large number of records.
  12. In the Building Payroll window, click reports to print the Payroll Edit and Payroll Exception reports. If there are problems with the payroll batch you can undo the build, correct the problems, and then rebuild it.
  13. Click ok to close the Building Payroll window.

WARNING: The next step cannot, under any circumstances, be undone. There is no way to “unpost” a batch. Do not proceed to the next step without verifying your payroll. If you post and later find issues, you will need to manually adjust the payroll records. If you find errors on your Payroll Edit report, then you can “Undo” the payroll build as discussed in the next section.


14.  Post the payroll to your gross-to-net system.


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