Case Manager Definitions

Case Manager Definitions




  • A Progress, Support or Case Note entered for a consumer but the consumer was not in a session with the provider.
Service Related
  • A  Progress, Support or Case Note entered for a consumer when the consumer was in a session with the provider.


  • A person served by an Agency
  • A person with a disability that makes it difficult to live without supports from an Agency
  • A person hired by an Agency to perform a non-Provider function
  • Our implementations set all Providers to be marked as Staff as well
  • A person hired by any Agency to deliver services and supports to a consumer
  • This person is the primary user of system functions like Service Entry
Support Person
  • A person that assists a Consumer.
  • Can be a Staff or Provider
  • Can be a family member, clergy, medical person or any other role that supports the Consumer


  • Any type of Service or Support focused on helping the Consumer to improve their job skills
  • Any Job that a Consumer works on within an Agency
  • Funding Agencies authorize an Agency to provide services to a consumer based on the consumer’s needs
  • Service is a broad classification for group of like type Activities


  • The specific type of service that is provided to the consumer by a Provider.


  • Consumers are enrolled into Programs while they are receiving services
  • A program is used by an Agency to organize their services
  • A consumer gets a referral to an Agency to receive services

Service Enrollment

  • A consumer is authorized for a list of services based on the consumer’s needs
  • Each service requires a Service Enrollment which tells the time period that the consumer is allowed to receive services

Program Enrollment

  • Consumers are enrolled into Programs based on the types of Services they need
  • A Program Enrollment is setup for a time period
  • A Consumer may go through multiple statuses while in a Program Enrollment
  • A program Enrollment is a fundamental building block for a reporting and monitoring consumers within an Agency

Agency Status

  • Each consumer in an Agency must have an Agency Status
  • The Agency Status shows what stage the consumer is in within an overall process of Referral, Intake, Providing Services, Suspended and Discharged.
  • Agencies may have as many Statuses as they need to define the process of a consumer through the agency.

Program Status

  • A program status shows the stage that a consumer is within the overall process through a Program
  • Agencies may have as many Statuses as they need to define the process of a consumer through a Program.
  • Every consumer with a Program Enrollment must have a Program Status


  • A placement is recorded when a consumer is hired by an employer other than the Agency.

Life Plan

  • The Life Plan is a container for all the Outcomes and Objectives that have been setup to assist the consumer in meeting their needs.
  • The Life Plan’s Outcomes and Objectives are the primary items that determine what services and funding the consumer will receive.
  • Providers are supposed to provide services in support of the Life Plan’s Outcomes and Objectives.


  • A high level goal for the consumer


  • An outcome is broken down into multiple objectives.
  • Objectives describe the goal, improvement or interactions that the consumer has determined that he wants to work on
  • Objectives can be linked to Services authorized for the consumer
  • Progress is recorded against Objectives
  • Objectives can require that 1 or more progress records be recorded on a daily basis


  • A support is an interaction needed by the consumer to assist them in some task or activity.
  • A support can be scheduled at specific times during the day.  Example:  A consumer may need help with feeding.  The support would be scheduled for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


  • An incident is a problem that a consumer had at a specific location and date/time.  Example:  The consumer was running in the cafeteria and fell.
  • An incident can be recorded as Minor or Major.

Behavior incident

  • A behavior incident is a special type of incident involving a behavioral issue.  Example:  The consumer has a problem with getting into arguments and then screaming at everyone.  Each time this happens the agency wants to record the location and date/time.


  • IBV needs to update and add data to other Vertex systems
  • We do replication between 
    • IBV and Intuition
    • IBV and Rehab Management
    • IBV and Time Works Plus

Consumer Visibility

  • Security concept in IBV
  • Users are setup to have visibility to 1 or more consumers based on a variety of factors.  This link shows how consumer visibility is determined.  Consumer Visibility Rules

Staff Discipline

  • The type of job the Staff person does 
  • Examples:  Social Worker, Service Provider.  Each agency has a different set of disciplines that are required to run the agency.

Person Centered Planning

  • Concept for how to help determine what assistance a consumer may need.
  • The concept is that the consumer is asked what is important to him, how he wants to be treated, when he wants assistance.

Auto Clock Out

  • If a consumer is currently in a service without a stop time and a new service record is added then the consumer will be automatically clocked out of the current record.
Service Location
  • The location where a service is provided to a consumer
  • Provider Give Consumer Visibility To
  • Staff Gets Consumer Visibility From

Service Availabilities

  • Times that a service is offered

People Groups

  • A group of consumers.
  • The group has a name
  • A group can be public – meaning any person can use the group
  • A group can be private – meaning only person who created the group can use it.
  • Used throughout Intuition and IBV to easily choose a group of consumers

Provider Certifications

  • Staff Certification Tracking
TWP Punches
  • Punch records created from Session records within IBV
  • Punch records are sent to an external system called Time Works Plus (TWP)
TWP Sites
  • Site ID given to you if you are using Staff Time & Attendance and/or Staff Scheduling
TWP Users
  •  User ID used to relate the Staff person to Staff Time & Attendance
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