Case Manager Log In Error – Type Error: Cannot read property ‘canSelect’ of undefined


This is a user setup issue. The affected user has been placed in a Security Role that does not have any Simplicity Roles entered or does not have a User Role assigned. Someone with Administrative rights will need to logon and follow the steps below to give the user the correct access role according to your company role setup.

  1. Log in to Case Manager.
  2. Select Admin | Intuition | Security | Users.
  3. Click the Search Icon and find the user.
  4. Scroll down the User page to Security Role.
    security role (2)

If the Security Role field is empty:

  1. Select the proper role.
  2. Click Save and Close

If the Security Role field is not empty:

  1. Note the name of the Security Role.
  2. Select Admin | Intuition | Security | Roles.
  3. Find the Role assigned to the user and click the pencil icon to edit the role.
  4. Check to see if this role has Simplicity Role Names entered in the box. If not, enter the relevant Role Names.simplicity role setup (2)
  5. Click Save and Close at the top.

For detailed information about Simplicity Roles, see the article Adding Simplicity Role Names to a Security Role in Case Manager.

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