Change a prevailing wage rate in Client Payroll Manager

The prevailing wage rate for each type is based on a survey of the wages local companies pay for similar work done at 100% productivity. These rates may change over time.
  1. In CPM, from the Tools menu, select Lookups.
  2. In the list of Lookups, double-click Prevailing Wage Type. This window will display:prevailing wage type lookup
  3. Select the prevailing wage type you need to change. You can use the Search Title box if you have a lengthy list.
  4. Click the History tab at the top left of the box.
  5. Click the Add button on the right side. A new record is created. Important: Always add a new record when updating so you do not lose your wage history.prevailing wage type history
  6. Enter the date that the new rate begins. You can enter a future date.
  7. Enter the new rate (no $ needed).
  8. Complete the discretionary %, if necessary.  The discretionary % inflates the base rate by the defined percentage so that you always pay a certain percentage over the actual prevailing rate.  If you want to pay the actual prevailing rate, leave discretionary % at 0.
  9. The Wage Basis field shows the prevailing wage rate calculated with the discretionary percentage, rounded to the nearest .01.
  10. Click OK to save the new record.
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