Client Payroll Manager – Installing Client on Workstation

NOTE: You MUST be logged into the workstation as a Domain Administrator.  This process needs to create Administrative-level entries into the Registry. The client will not install correctly if not done using an Domain Administrator login
  1. On the Workstation, map drive to Vertex Rehab Management folder

  2. Open Vertex Rehab Management folder | Bin | Right click vertexmenu.exe | Send to Desktop (create shortcut) | close Vertex Rehab Management folder
  3. Double click the VertexMenu shortcut that is on your desktop

  4. The Vertex System application will open

  5. Click Tools

    cpm tools
  6. Choose Client Install client install
  7. The Vertex Client Install Setup Wizard will appear | Click Next client install set up wizard
  8. When the install is running it will ask for the server name – this should be the server name of the server where the database is residing.

    1. Enter the name or IP address of the Server where Rehab Management is installed | once entered click Next  **If this is not correct the application will not run properly**

      client install server Click Next Click Install
  9. When the Select Setup Language appears | Click OK (English is the default)
  10. The Welcome to the Firebird Setup Wizard will appear| Click Next 

  11. Accept the agreement | Click Next

    Click Next Click Next
  12. Leave all the selected components at the default | Click Next Click Next
  13. Changes need to be made on the next window. Uncheck the following options: 

    -Use the Guardian to control the server   -Generate client library as GDS32.DLL for legacy app. Support?  Click next client install additional tasks
  14. Click Install Click Next
  15. Uncheck After installation – What Next? | Click Finish Click Finish
  16. Double click on the VertexMenu shortcut that is on your desktop 

  17. The Vertex System application will open | Click on Tools

  18. Choose Crystal Runtime Install | Follow the prompts
  19. Choose Client Install
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