CPM: User aborted build or received error messages that did not allow the build to continue

This is a known bug and does not happen on a regular basis. 

During the build process, the time records were pulled from the Time Entry screen in order to be used in the build. Because the build was aborted or otherwise unable to finish, the records were not put back into Time Entry like they were supposed to be, yet the build did not complete so there is no build status or a way to undo. 

As a temporary solution, the user can go back to the Time Entry screen during the period of the failed payroll and enter one false time record for a consumer who was in that payroll. Make sure they remember exactly which one they entered because they will have to go back and erase it later. The user should then go to the Build Payroll screen and try to build that payroll again. Have them check the Payroll Edit report to verify that all records are now accessible. The user then has to Undo Build so they can go back to Time Entry and erase the false record they entered earlier. After erasing the record, the user can build the batch as usual. 

Have them check their Payroll Edit report to verify that all records are now correct. Proceed with usual process of building payroll.

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