Customer has received fob from Vertex and needs to install


Before you begin the update:

Install the Financial Manager 4.00.3 update from the server or from a client workstation that can access the Financial Manager application on the server where Financial Manager is installed.

  • Close all applications, especially Outlook or other mail applications.
  • Vertex customer service will let you know if it is necessary to have all users out of Financial Manager prior to installing the fob.  Some fobs can be installed without affecting users.  If you must have all users out of the application:
    • Important:  If you use the Microsoft Business Solutions – Navision Application Server (NAS), stop the NAS service.  All customers who use Job Manager or Mobile Timesheet Web use the NAS service.
    • Make sure all users are logged off of Financial Manager.  On the File menu, click Database | Information.  In the Sessions tab, the Current Sessions field should show 1 (you as the current user).

To install the Financial Manager fob:

  1. Copy the fob file to your desktop or to a file that you can access.
  2. Start Financial Manager and open your payroll company or primary company.
  3. On the Tools menu, click Object Designer.  The Object Designer window opens.
  4. On the File menu, click Import.  The Import Objects window opens.
  5. Browse to the fob file.  Select the file and click Open.
  6. Important:  The update runs.  A warning message opens.  Click OK or NO to open the Import Worksheet.
  7. In the Import Worksheet, click REPLACE ALL (at the bottom of the window).  Click OK (at the bottom of the window).  The update continues.
  8. The Import Objects window opens showing Import Completed.  Click OK.
  9. Close and restart Financial Manager.
  10. If you use NAS, restart the NAS service.  You must restart NAS even if you did not stop it as part of the update.
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