Easy Method for Capturing the UNC Path to a Network Location

Easy Method for Capturing the UNC Path to a Network Location

UNC’s will work better than mapped drives in Windows Vista and Microsoft is beginning to suggest UNC’s in place of mapped drives whenever possible. 

The locations in vertexmenu.ini where UNC’s are allowed are:

  • [Client Install] ALT_FOLDER
  • [Crystal RDC Client Install] ALT_FOLDER

The UNC path will typically include the server name on which Vertex Rehab Management has been installed, along with the full path into the specific directory on that server, for example:



You can capture the UNC path to a resource, such as the Bin folder, by navigating through the file system using the Network Places rather than mapped drives. 

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
    • Windows Explorer is typically available using Start | Programs | Accessories.
  2. Click the + sign beside My Network Places to expand it.
  3. Click the + sign beside Entire Network to expand it.
  4. Click the + sign beside Microsoft Windows Network to expand it.
  5. In the list of computers on the network, find the server/computer where Rehab Management has been installed. Click the + sign to expand it.
  6. Under the server, you should find the Vertex folder. Click the + sign beside it.
    • You may need to expand other folders under the server before finding the Vertex folder, depending on how the folders for Rehab Management were set up during installation.
  7. Under the Vertex folder, find the RehabManagement/Pathway folder. Click the + sign to expand it.
  8. At this point, you should see the Bin, Data and all other attendant folders to Rehab Management. Click the one for which you want the UNC path.
  9. At the top of the Windows Explorer window, the address bar will contain the full UNC path to the folder you just clicked.
  10. Select the path and copy it. 

You can now paste the UNC path into the ini file where needed. 

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