Employee Was Not Part of Payroll Build


Employee is setup in Employee Setup with a filing status that is blank. The payroll was built with W-2 filing status. 
Check to see if employee did not have a W-2 Status if their time records were not picked up in the payroll build. Check Employee Pay Status and date.

Is Employee Active in date range.

Where to Review Employee Setup

  1. CPM | Employee Setup | Payroll Data| Filing Status
    1. Select Filing status and date the same as Pay status date; Click Set
    2. If the date is after the payroll date range employee will not be picked up in payroll build.
  2. If Employee Pay Status Date is after the date range of the payroll build they will not be included.
    1. or if they do not have “Active” selected as pay status.
    2. CPM | Employee Setup | Payroll Data } pay Status and Pay Status Date



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