Exporting Hours, Earnings and Employees from Client Payroll Manager to Navision

The following configuration is the standard setup to properly send consumer hours, earnings, and employees to Navision payroll:

In Client Payroll Manager

1. Set Vertex Financial Manager on the Post tab of the Payroll Systems Options:

Access by selecting: CPM | Tools | Payroll Systems Options | Post
Choose Vertex Financial Manager as the Gross-to-net system
Place a check-mark in the Expanded Summarization and Include Job Number boxes
2. Setup the Payroll Record Type Lookup for the Navision Gross-to-net system as follows:

a. Access by selecting: CPM | Tools | Payroll Systems Options | Post | Vertex Financial Manager| Set Export Codes

3. Set the Department Column : This will allow the department in CPM to be mapped to a Dimension department in Navision.

4. The default department order under the Department Column section will be based on customer preference.

a. Access by selecting: CPM | Tools | Payroll Systems Options | Time Entry

b. Department Required needs to be checked.

c. Set for preference: Job Step, Job and Employee (or whatever order preferred by the customer

5. Set up the Payroll System as follows:

a. Access by selecting: CPM | Tools | Lookups | Payroll System | Show Lookup.

b. Add “Navision” as the payroll system.

6. Set up the Payroll System Pay Types as is on page 5 of the screen shots:

a. Access by selecting: CPM | Tools | Lookups | Payroll System Pay Type | Show Lookup.

7. Set up each Pay Code to have the correct Payroll System Pay Type.

a. The Payroll System Pay Type for Pay Code need to select the Navision Payroll System.

b. The Calculation Method is set to point to a Payroll System Pay Type.

c. The Payroll System Pay Types are attached to Pay Codes in CPM – the Code is matched up in Navision

d. Access by selecting: CPM | Tools | Lookups | Pay Code | Show Lookup.

8. Set up the file names and file paths similar to below:

a. CPM export file pathway will need to be entered when posting payroll. Once entered the path will persist.

b. Build Payroll | Select Payroll | Post GtN | Set filepath

o Employee list filename- F:PathwayBinCPM_Emp.csv

o Time tickets filenamen- F:PathwayBinCPM_Time.csv


Navision Implementer

1. Set up the Client Payroll Manager Import File Paths on the Import Export Layout using the same paths and file names as was setup in Client Payroll Manager in step number 7 above:

Access by selecting: Departments | Financial Management | Setup | Administration | Import Export Layout
Select New in the Home Tab and fill in the row
Click on Lines – Add information as needed


*Element No is the position on the file that comes from CPM.
2. Based on discussion with the CPM implementer, the Navision implementer will set up the Navision Import Export Layout table in a similar fashion as above. In the example the element numbers are mapped to NAV Tables, NAV Dimensions (Dim.) or the NAV Payroll Controls. The customer may only need one or two CPM Elements mapped to NAV Elements.

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