Mass Adjustment Utility in Client Payroll Manager

Mass Adjustment Utility in Client Payroll Manager

Mass Adjustments are used when making adjustments to a large number of records at the same time.  When the adjustment is made, all earnings, benefit, overtime, and subsidies are recalculated.  The employee’s adjustment can be included in the next payroll batch or a special batch can be run and special check printed.

If you are making the adjustment because earnings were incorrectly calculated due to an error in a prevailing wage, time study, or other rate, or because something was not set up correctly, change the rate or correct the setup before making the adjustment.

Performing the Mass Adjustment

Important notice:

Make a backup of the Rehab Management database before you use the Mass Adjustment Utility.

Make any necessary changes to prevailing wage rates, productivity ratings, making sure the effective date given is correct.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Mass Adjustment Utility.  The Mass Adjustment Utility opens.
  2. In the Start Date field, enter the first date that incorrect time records were entered.
  3. In the Stop Date field, enter the last date that incorrect time records were entered.
  4. In the Adjustment Date field, enter the date that the adjustment will be made.  This is normally a date within the next pay period.
  5. Under Employee Selection, select the employees who have time records that need to be adjusted.
  6. Under the Prevailing Wage Selection, select the prevailing wage type that had the incorrect wage rate.
  7. When all the selections have been made, click OK.  Rehab Management creates adjustment records in the Adjustment Pay subject.
  8. Run the Adjustments Report and review the adjustment records. 
    • The Adjustment Report shows both the original and adjusted transactions. 
    • Once an adjusted record has been built and posted, you will not be able to see the adjustment information on the report – the record will be a standard history record. As a result, if the customer wants a record of the old and new values on the time record, the Adjustment Report should be printed prior to building and posting the batch.

 Adjustments that have not been posted and that are still shown in the grid in the Adjustment Pay subject can be undone/reversed.

To Undo an Adjustment

Adjustments can only be undone one-at-a-time – there is no ‘Mass Unadjustment Utility’.

  1. Open the Adjustment Pay subject.
  2. Find the record that needs to be un-adjusted and select it.
  3. Click the Undo button to the right. 
  4. A confirmation message opens.  Click Yes.  The record is returned to its original state.

Once all adjustments are reviewed and correct, the customer can move forward with their normal process of building payroll, posting payroll, etc. 

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