NAV – Payroll Check Register is running very slow


The name of the report, Payroll Check Register, actually is a misnomer. The Payroll Check Register is more than just a payroll check register: it’s actually a series of payroll reports that you can make a selection from, using the same filters and option for each report.

 What happened was that instead of choosing the one single report that you wanted to run, you used no filters. Therefore the system was attempting to run each and every report available under this function. This included but was not limited to the following:

  • Sick & Vacation balance
  • Benefits Balances
  • Employee Census Info
  • Payroll Check Register (Navision Standard Report)
  • Default Schedule
  • Employee Earnings (Navision Standard Report)
  • Employer Expenses (Navision Standard Report)
  • W-2 Review (Navision Standard Report)
  • W2 Test (Navision Standard Report)

To solve the problem, you simply need to make a filtering selection on the report name line of the tab ‘Pay Control Schedule’ when choosing to run the Payroll Check Register. Then proceed to make the additional filtering selections, and the chosen report returned results almost immediately. 

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