Remove Item Tracking Code Restraints on an Item Tracked Inventory Item

This happens because a Master Template has been applied to an inventory item after item ledger entries without lot/serial numbers have been posted.


  1. Create a temporary Item Tracking Code Card (Administration > Application Setup > Warehouse > Setup – Inventory > Item Tracking Code) with just the code with no fields checked on the Serial Number, Lot Number or Misc. tabs.
  2. Make a temporary change so the Item Template is now using the temporary item tracking code created in No. 1 above. (Administration > Application Setup > Company Setup > Setup Master Templates. F5 and choose the correct Data Template. Change the Default Value for the Item Tracking code.)
  3. Apply the Item Template to the effected item number card. (Item card > Functions >Apply Template. Check the Item Tracking tab to make certain it is the new code.)
  4. Make the appropriate adjustment in the Item Journal to offset the entry with item tracking.
  5. Apply the Item Template to the effected item number (to add item tracking back on the item)
  6. Remove the temporary line on the Item Template that was added in No 2 above.
  7. Delete the temporary Item Tracking Code Card that was added in No 1 above.
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