Unable to post payroll due to inability to distribute payroll expenses in Navision

The real problem here is that this employee did not have regular earnings in their payroll check, the check was actually for a refund of benefits premiums only, a negative deduction. 

Because employer expenses such as MCARE ER and SS ER are calculated based on taxable earnings, when there is an absence of taxable earnings, you will receive this message. You have attempted to allocate and distribute, but there was nothing to distribute.

The solution is to go to the payroll control list, choose the affected controls and untick the box that says ‘Allow Expense Distribution’. Once this is done, you should be able to post the payroll journal. Be sure that once it’s posted, you return to the payroll control list and re-check the ‘Allow Expense Distribution’ boxes.

This incident only occurs when the payroll journal contains payment to an employee that contains no regular taxable earnings. In this case it was a refund of premium benefits only.


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