Understanding Payroll System Options in Client Payroll Manager

Payroll System Options Tab Description
Accounts Labor distribution accounts are used to identify how earnings should be entered in your accounting system’s general ledger. The labor distribution accounts represent the general ledger account numbers.
Hours Include hourly pay in productivity is almost always checked. When unchecked, it can cause huge problems with average productivity calculations.  Sets threshold for all reports and subjects  Hours display: time entry and time sheet edit report always in hours and minutes format regardless of setting. Reports always use hours and decimals regardless of setting. Setting only affects elapsed time in time entry.
Post Used to select export system.  Outside payroll service does not create export file. Standard format requires setup of export codes for items not tied to a job or activity step such as subsidies. Option to create batches for all employees. Include time without earnings in GTN report does not export records if there are no earnings.
Premium and Subsidy Overtime First day of week is only important for Over 40 average wage-based overtime Over 40 average wage: starting from first day of week, calculates average earnings over the week and that becomes the basis for the overtime calculation Holiday Holiday is for people working on a holiday who earn a pay premium for doing so, not for simply paying people who are off on a holiday Holidays have to be set up every year NISH Subsidy Limit Amount subsidy options
Rates In the Earnings to be included in the calculation of the average hourly rate table, select the check box for any earning type that should be included when calculating the average hourly rate (average wage rate). Minimum Wage – Historical tracking and Minimum Wage Cap 
Time Entry Stop/ Start Requirement Time must be entered by start and stop time rather than by elapsed time Date Range Limit the days for which users can enter time records Department Require that the department be recorded on every time record (optional) DSP (Direct Service Provider) Require Provider and default for logged in user selection. This is required if using Intuition Touch (tablets) and/or Service Billing Time Increments Select the option for how elapsed time should be rounded.
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