Understanding the CDSR Log in Case Manager

Understanding the CDSR Log in Case Manager

Viewing the CSDR Log

You need to check the log prior to billing to be certain that records you expect to bill are not in the log. Records that display in the log will not bill; once the underlying record is corrected the record will clear.

From the Case Manager Menu, select Admin | Intuition | Vocational Time | CSDR Error Logs. 

Potential Errors are:

Payroll Branch Direct Labor does not have a default Location

A default service location needs to be set. Go to Admin-Vocational Time-Payroll Branches and set the service location for the payroll branch listed.

Service [none selected] does not have a Default Touch Activity

A default service location needs to be set. Go to Admin-Program-Service and set a default activity for the service listed. It is interesting that they have assigned the service delivery code of [none selected] to some jobs and/or job steps. This is suspicious and not the intended use of this code.

Service Record was not updated, it must be not signed or rejected status

The related service record can be rejected, and the update will take place on the next replication cycle or you can delete the CSDR error log record.

StartAt is more than 5 days in the past

In Admin-Delivery-Options the Maximum Service Days behind value is set and the service date is beyond the accepted values. To resolve change the maximum service days behind value or delete the CSDR Error Log.

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