Using Report Parameters in Case Manager

The parameters offered by each report vary on the type of information displayed on the report but the concept of is the same regardless of the parameters. You can have full or limited information displayed as required.

As an example, the parameters for the Medical or Personal Attributes are shown below:

report parameters

When there is an option for multiple entries, such as Program Enrollments, all items on the list are selected by default. If you’d like to display information for a different selection of program enrollments, first click Select All to un-check all the items then check the ones you want.

Some of the selection parameters only allow for one selection such as Report Type. You can select from List, Graph, or Both. Graphs display at the end of the report when Both are requested. You can change the configuration of the graphs by using the graph options at the end of the parameters list.

report parameters 2

You can hide the parameter section by clicking the Show/Hide Parameters icon found in the center of the sections divider.

report parameters 3

Many of the report images that follow contain the parameters that can be used to include or limit the information displayed. The parameters do not display at the top of the report when the report is printed but do display the end of the report so you’ll be aware of the selection criteria.

report last page

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