Using the correct employee identifier when exporting to different GTN systems

ADP: Alternate Employee Number

    • The alternate number must be numeric (cannot be alphanumeric).
    • The value must be between 51 and 999999.

CMHC: Alternate Employee Number


MAS90: Employee Number or Alternate Employee Number, depending on settings in Payroll System Options | Post

Financial Manager: Alternate Employee Number

Paychex Preview: Both the employee number and the SSN are included in the export file.  

    • There is a six-digit limit on the employee number.

Payco: Alternate Employee Number

    • Only the first four characters of the alternate number are included in the export, even if the number has more than four characters.

Peachtree, all versions: Employee Number

    • ‘PT’ is added to the beginning of each employee number in the import file: an employee with number 1001 will be identified as PT1001 in the export file.

Quickbooks: SSN

Standard: Employee Number  

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