Using the Medication Reports in Case Manager

Using the Medication Reports in Case Manager

Medication Administration Report

The report is grouped by Consumer, then Category of Medication, Medication Name, Specific Times and then PRN Rows. There is a page break between each Consumer. You will see each Prescription with at least one specific time and/or marked as PRN.

For each Prescription, we also display Name of Medication, Administration, Instructions, Side Effects, Conditions Controlled, Ordered On (Date), Allergies, Pharmacy, Pharmacy Number, Prescribing Physician, Prescribing Physician Phone Number.

There is one row for each scheduled time for dispensing a Prescription and a row for each time that the Prescription can be given PRN. Each row contains 31 columns (31 days possible in a month). The cells in the columns are blank, so that the Provider / Nurse may initial that the Prescription was delivered.

Signature lines are available on the bottom of the report for the signature of the Staff who dispensed the medication and a line for Review and Sign Off from a Nurse, if needed.

medication administration report


The Medication report displays medications a consumer is presently prescribed or a medication and those consumers who have current prescriptions.

medication report

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