Voiding a Direct Deposit

Often times, an employee closes a bank account but fails to notify their payroll person. You receive notice from the employee that the electronic payment didn’t get deposited to their account. 

The first thing to do is confirm that the bank did indeed return the funds to the company. The bank may have reopened the closed account and deposited it there, and the employee is unaware.  You do not want to void a direct deposit remittance advice that has indeed been deposited into the employees bank account, and then turn around and issue them a check.

If it is determined that you need to void the direct deposit, you will proceed just as if you are voiding a live check:

  1. Navigate to Financial Management | Cash Management | Bank Account
  2. Use the lookup to choose the correct bank account for your payroll account
  3. Use the Bank Account menu button to locate Check Ledger Entries
  4. Filter for the RA in question
  5. Once you have located the RA, choose the Check Menu button, then void check using 

    Un-apply and Void to reverse the check and the GL entries, OR
    Void to reissue the Check exactly as it is 
  6. Proceed with reissuing the new payroll check/direct deposit as you would with any voided payroll check.
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