What the mass adjustment utility in Client Payroll Manager can and can’t do

Information to Consider before using the Mass Adjustment Utility

There are a variety of adjustments that can be made using the mass adjustment utility, but other adjustments are not possible and must be made manually through the Adjustment Pay subject.  

Use The Mass Adjustment Utility When:

    • The prevailing wage on a job should have been higher or lower for a job step.
      • For example, the prevailing wage called ‘Material Handling’ was set to pay $8.00 per hour when it should have paid $9.00.  
    • A job step’s minimum wage cap setting has changed.
      • For example, the step originally used the minimum wage cap to limit pay, but the setting has now been removed.

The Mass Adjustment Utility Cannot Be Used When:

    • The pay code for a job step has changed and the pay method has changed.
      • For example, if a job step went from piece rated to guaranteed rate.
      • What about change to pay code but not pay method The prevailing wage on a job step has been changed from one rate type to another.
      • For example, the prevailing wage on the job used to be ‘Hand Labor’ and has been switched to ‘Material Handling’.
    • An employee’s wage rate has been increased or decreased.
      • For example, an employee had an average hourly rate of $5.00 and it should have been $5.50.  
    • The pay code for a job step is the same, but the pay method has changed.
      • For example, if a job went from paying based on productivity to based on average wage rate.
    • Adjustments due to a change in a job site’s piece rate time study. 
    • An employee’s productivity rating (job/activity step, work type or overall) should have been higher or lower.
      For example, if an employee’s rating for job 101101-01 was listed as 65% and it should have been 62%.

Scenarios where the Mass Adjustment Utility can be used:

  • Piece rated job step change to time study:
  • Change from one prevailing wage to another:
  • Change to an employee’s wage rate (job pays based on wage rate)
    • Avg Hourly:
    • Programmed:
    • Nonproductive:
    • Holiday:
    • Vacation:
    • Sick:
    • Contract:
    • Staff:
  • Change to an employee’s rating (there are many variations here such as a specific rate should have expired and a new work type rating should have gone into effect, etc.)
    • Job/Activity Step:
    • Work Type:
    • Overall:
  • Change to job’s pay method when the pay code uses a Regular pay type:
    • Prod–>Avg Hourly:
    • Avg Hourly–>Prod:
  • Change to a job’s pay code leads to a change in pay method.
    • Piece Rate –>Guaranteed 
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