Efficient Collection of Time for Staff and Clients

Vertex’s Time Management suite of software solutions enables the efficient collection of time for staff and clients. Our cloud-based solutions will simplify the way your team works and dramatically decrease time spent recording and tracking time. The key is the ability to leverage a single entry of time and from it deriving the staff payroll, client payroll, service record and billing record from a single entry of time.

Vertex’s Time Management suite of software solutions provide the specialized capabilities needed to capture time using smartphones, landlines, smart clocks, portable devices and PCs without reliance on spreadsheets and redundant data entry. We provide employee and management portals which empower your team and improve communication. The result is convenience, satisfaction and heightened efficiency and productivity for your team.

Schedule for Specific Locations, Shifts and Jobs

Our suite includes the ability to schedule clients and staff for specific locations, shifts and jobs so you have the needed coverage for all.

The Coverage Needed to Minimize Overtime

Scheduling ensures you have the coverage needed to minimize overtime, quickly handle call-offs, maximize service delivery to each consumer and make sure all staff have needed certifications.

More Convenience, Satisfaction and Efficiency

The result is convenience, satisfaction and heightened efficiency and productivity for your team.

Vertex Time Management Solutions for Staff


Vertex’s TimeWorksPlus is a complete employee time and attendance system, enabling your team to record staff time and service delivery simultaneously, track attendance and accrual balances, request leave time and communicate with employees.


TimeSimplicity is a dynamic and advanced employee scheduling software module that simplifies scheduling and uses notifications to help communicate and resolve schedule changes, involving your whole team.

Vertex Time Management Solutions for Clients

Vocational Time

Vertex Vocational Time enables direct service providers to capture time for consumers using a tablet computer with only a few taps. This module is appropriate for agencies that operate day and vocational programs who want to electronically track time for activities and paid work. Earnings for subminimum and piece-rate work are calculated using strict rules to guarantee accuracy. 

After the time records are approved and processed by Client Payroll Manager, exporting earnings from Client Payroll Manager permits processing of the payroll check using the payroll system of your choice without redundant entry. Accuracy of consumer earnings for subminimum wage settings is more accurate and ensures Department of Labor compliance. Billable service time is also derived from Vertex Vocational Time Manager records and then processed as billable service time using Vertex Service Billing.

Service Sessions

Service Sessions capture service time with only a few clicks for groups of consumers or individual consumers who attend programs on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. Progress ratings, service notes and supports are captured when applicable. Rules are configured to enforce complete documentation so the service provider can accurately and timely document all services. This session entry then also creates a service billing entry and a timesheet entry for the direct service provider at the same time. Service Sessions is part of Vertex Case Manager.

Vertex’s Time Management Solutions Integration

Vertex’s Time Management solutions are designed to work separately or together as an integrated system. When used in an integrated mode, you know you have the qualified staff scheduled, monitor timely shift arrival and quickly adjust for call offs or no shows. Time entered when serving clients flows to documentation, billing and client and staff payroll.

This integrated system features robust cloud-based software modules for ease of use in capturing time, scheduling staff and managing service delivery. Administrative time for oversight, corrections and processing is reduced by more than 50 percent as a result of the solutions’ many features and integrations.

Regardless of the size of your organization, you can trust that Vertex’s Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager software modules can meet your needs by unlocking efficiencies that make your team more productive and efficient to accommodate tight budgets.

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