Seamless Billing for IDD Services in Indiana with Vertex

For agencies providing IDD services in Indiana, billing can now be done seamlessly with Vertex Billing Manager. This comprehensive software makes it easy to keep track authorizations and associated budget utilizations, and eliminates the need for cumbersome manual processes. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at two important modules for billing in Indiana: Case Manager and Billing Manager. Let Vertex take the hassle out of billing for your IDD services!

Work Smarter and Faster with Case Manager & Billing Manager

Vertex Billing Manager is the essential tool for service providers. Automating time intensive tasks like entering authorizations and calculating both consumer and provider utilization, the amount of time spent on administrative tasks is reduced, freeing up providers to focus on the other important tasks. Billing Manager provides daily feedback that compares all services delivered to services authorized, equipping service providers with the information they need to make decisions on where to provide more or less service. With Billing Manager, agencies can maximize their resources and provide quality services to their clients.

Vertex Case Manager enables service providers to work more efficiently and effectively by allowing them to enter service time, note progress, and deliver supports from the same page. Service providers can also review and finalize entries by client, DSP, or service location. Users are also enabled to view clients as a staff person’s caseload or other agency-defined groupings, as well as produce system generated monthly, quarterly, or annual progress reports. This allows service providers to spend less time on data entry and more time providing services to their clients.

The Vertex Billing manager and Case Manager modules work together to increase accuracy in billing for services rendered. By having an automatic system in place, the chance of error is decreased, which allows all parties to work smarter and faster. This collaborative effort between modules will not only improve billing accuracy but also improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Billing & Reporting Made Easy in Indiana with Vertex Systems

In Indiana, agencies providing IDD services can now rely on Vertex Billing Manager to automate the billing process and keep track of service authorizations. Extensive reporting provides the information the way you want to see it and special “traits” can be assigned to consumer authorizations for you to group and report.  With the ability to calculate ratios in 15 period blocks each time a group size changes, users will no longer need to calculate the billing outcome manually. This saves considerable time in your billing process, while ensuring accuracy and compliance every step of the way.

Moreover, Billing for Wellness is simplified when Billing Manager interacts with Case Manager to ascertain the number of events that have occurred at each level.  If the appropriate number of meetings have not been held accordingly, the service records will not be billed. Users will be able to find the records in the “Unmatched” section of Billing Manager, so no billing mistake will go unnoticed.

Automation makes billing in Indiana simpler and more accurate than ever before, with Billing Manager allowing users to import their service agreements from their PDF files. With authorizations occurring for a one month period, manually entering 12 authorizations a person can be extremely tedious and time consuming. Now, all users need to do is download their chosen PDF files, place them in a predetermined folder on their server, and click “Import Authorizations.” Vertex Billing Manager will take care of the rest, while notifying you of any issues along the way.

Save Time By Automating Your Case Management & Billing Processes with Vertex

Don’t let billing bog down your organization’s objectives. With the Vertex Billing Manager and Case Manager modules working together, IDD agencies in Indiana no longer have to worry about complex and time consuming billing processes. Vertex’s software solutions effectively integrate with each to ensure accuracy in billing for services rendered. This frees up the time for service providers to focus on what’s important – providing quality services to their clients. Indiana IDD agencies can now focus on their mission, with Vertex by their side.

If you want to learn more about how our IDD agency billing solutions can benefit your organization, get in touch with us today.

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