Service Your The Arc Organization in an Efficient and Cost Effective Way

As the largest national community-based organization working within the IDD industry, The Arc has over 600 locations nationwide. They provide services and advocacy to assist its clients to be fully engaged within their communities. Our team at Vertex is proud to partner with many The Arc locations for their software needs.

Seamlessly Manage Payroll

Our The Arc customers have selected Vertex Systems’ solutions to help with the collection, reporting and billing for their programs. For agencies who employ workers, our Client Payroll Manager collects time spent working on jobs regardless of how the job is paid. Client Payroll Manager can pay based on piece rate, hourly, or a percentage of productivity while remaining fully compliant with 14C regulations. Time records can be entered directly into Client Payroll Manager or through our simple to use Touch application that was designed with mobile entry in mind. Your staff can enter service time from the floor, classroom, or community location. By having a flexible solution, you can spend more time servicing clients’ needs.

Gain Insights Into All Data

Case Manager is also used to gather and provide the records for billing to external, community-based employment. This solution can be used to also track service time with the added benefits of case noting, recording progress on consumer’s objectives, and periodic reviews. This can be used wherever the user has an Internet connection, making this solution easily accessible. Regardless if you are offering job coaching or job development in the field, facility-based day habilitation, or community-based services, your DSP’s will be able to capture what’s transpired during the service session from where they are.

Customize Your Views and Reports

Case Manager lets you create templates for often used outcomes and objectives to save you time when creating new service plans. Handy desktop tiles display actionable items such as incomplete service records, incidents reports that have yet to be completed, and consumer progress reviews that are late. Extensive reporting of demographic, service, and plan-related information are instantly available.

Elevate Your Billing

Our Billing Manager solution has been implemented by many The Arc locations across the country. With its flexible billing rate configuration, it can calculate anything from 15-minute units, hourly units, daily rates, or variable billing where different billing codes are used based on some criteria such as total hours in a day. Based on the variety of services offered by The Arc’s, numerous state and federal funding sources will be involved in the reimbursement for delivered services. Vertex Billing Manager allows for an unlimited number of funding sources and when available, it can automatically transfer an electronic 837 file directly to your State’s Medicaid billing system.

Enhance Your The Arc Organization

Vertex Systems applauds the work being done by The Arc organization and is proud to be a part of their journey. Our team has worked with The Arc organizations for over 40 years to implement affordable, efficient and customized software. To assist The Arc’s with payroll, data, reporting and billing, we are offering 15% off to all agencies who sign up with Vertex. Contact us to learn more about our solution and how we can be a fit for your The Arc organization.

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