EVV by State: A Guide to Electronic Visit Verification Compliance

EVV Advocate

The 21st Century Cares Act

Although state-by-state EVV requirements are still a developing story, many states are now passing legislation that requires agencies to use Electronic Visit Verification. Few states met the Federal EVV Mandate deadline on January 1, 2020, however, most received a one year extension to implement Electronic Visit Verification requirements. 

With that being said, per-State EVV compliance is a constantly-evolving situation. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have not extended this Jan 1 deadline, so some states are rushing to meet requirements before the New Year. 

The 21st Century Cures Act has outlined several EVV models states can choose from:

  1. Open vendor: State selects an EVV vendor and data aggregator. Providers can use state-sponsored vendors free of charge or work with another EVV vendor at their own expense. Usually, alternative EVV solutions have to be able to integrate with the state’s data aggregator.
  2. State-mandated external vendor: Providers must use a state-sponsored, state-funded vendor.
  3. State-mandated in-house system: States build and manage their own EVV system that all providers must use.
  4. Provider choice: Providers select vendors and cover the costs. Some states that chose this model will raise reimbursement rates to help offset the cost to agencies.
  5. Managed Care Organization (MCO) choice: MCOs select the vendor and cover the costs, often with state support.

What do IDD and rehabilitation agencies need to know to ensure they are EVV compliant? That varies depending on your state. To better understand what your state requires and how you can be in compliance, we’ve curated a list with a link to each state’s guidelines.

With 2022 looming and no mention of an extension by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it’s vital for agencies to understand how they can become EVV compliant before the new year. Utilizing information from Vertex Case Manager, EVV Advocate’s expanded functionality enables it to record all services, helping simplify the work agencies do while having access to accurate information. Additionally, GPS coordinates can pinpoint when an agency caregiver arrives at and leaves a location. Meet state and federal requirements while collecting critical service documentation.

Learn more about how Vertex Systems’ EVV Manager can help your agency ensure it’s compliant with state law by clicking the link above.

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