The Perks of Vertex Case Manager, Release 8.3.8

Vertex is thrilled to announce the latest version of Vertex Case Manager, release 8.3.8. Case Manager is a cloud-based electronic case management software solution designed for agencies like yours that serve people with disabilities in community, employment, and residential settings. 

Release 8.3.8 of Case Manager includes a variety of new features to aid your agency in continuing to serve those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). While there are many updates, this article highlights a few of the top enhancements to streamline your agency’s work processes.

Vertex Case Manager Updates

The following enhancements have been added to the Vertex Case Manager based on user input. These updates are just a few of the significant upgrades to the software.

Outcome Templates 

Frequently used outcomes and objectives can be stored in Outcome Templates which can then be applied to individual consumers. These templates may contain multiple outcomes and each outcome may contain one or more objectives. For instance, you may wish to set up an outcome that helps consumers to improve their communication skills. It could be configured with an objective of learning to use an appropriate volume when communicating indoors, and a strategy may also be defined for helping individuals to build this skill. The outcome can be assigned to individual consumers and their progress tracked for building this skill.

Training Frequency 

To help consumers build skills unique to their Life Plan, you can establish a Training Frequency for objectives. For instance, if someone is learning to improve communication skills, you might enter a  training frequency of 15 minutes per day, four days a week.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Updates

  • Manual EVV Service Session – For greater flexibility, you can add an EVV service record directly into Case Manager.
  • EVV Default Service Location – To save time, you can set a default service location for all users when working in the EVV application.

Summary Enhancements

Several updates have been added to the Summaries feature, such as:

    • Select the service records to include on the Summary
    • Show the start, stop and elapsed times for service records if desired
    • Display mileage with the service record
    • Select and display personal attributes needed for reporting

New Reports

A number of reports including  Progress Summary by Objective, Notes and Progress Review, Outcome and Objective Listing Report, and many others.

User Interface

The user experience has been updated to improve processes and raise awareness of important care information. For instance, the Provider and Location Review pages have been significantly enhanced for a more streamlined end-of-day process and to accommodate residential locations where there are a limited number of people being served. 

TimeWorksPlus Time Card Review

Staff can review punches based on the service/non-service record time entered in Case Manager. They can also edit or delete punch records that will be or have already been sent to TimeWorksPlus. Any edits or deletions of punch data are logged for audit purposes.

Streamline Processes and Upgrade Your User Experience

Gather information from each step of your client’s tenure with Vertex Case Manager. From enrollment through discharge, data is collected as clients attend and advance through your programs. Alerts trigger you to collect missing or incomplete documentation to maintain compliance. All this delivers a stress-free user experience while maintaining organization and document compliance.

Vertex develops proven software solutions for IDD agencies that simplify processes, save your agency time and cost, and allow you to focus on the most important part of your agency–your clients and consumers. See how Vertex can help you cut costs and deliver more.

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