Vertex Payroll Manager Software: How Vertex’s Payroll Solutions Grow With Your Company

The Department of Labor has specific regulations in place for businesses that pay their employees below minimum wage. These regulations can be difficult to keep up with and manage, especially in the IDD Agency space where data accuracy is crucial. That’s where Vertex makes a huge difference. We offer Client Payroll Manager Software that was specifically designed for the sub-minimum wage industry. Our system streamlines data entry, reduces errors, and makes the process more efficient overall. In this blog post, we will discuss how our Client Payroll software can help your business reduce stress and improve data accuracy.

IDD Agencies Need User-Friendly Client Payroll Solutions

Oftentimes, IDD agencies will resort to creating payroll from a paper-based time collection system. This is a disaster waiting to happen, as human error is bound to occur when data entry for sub-minimum wage payroll is involved. Even the most well-meaning staff can be prone to noting the wrong job number, entering an incorrect number of pieces, making entries on the wrong timesheet, and being late submitting the timesheets if at all. Due to the nature of sub-minimum wage payroll, accurately calculating payroll can be difficult, if not impossible to do error free. With Vertex, however, IDD agencies can enjoy streamlined and error-free data entry.

Vertex makes the implementation of Client Payroll Manager a straightforward process and our Professional Services team is always ready to assist you. With the ability to import consumer demographic, job, and step information utilizing available templates, Client Payroll Manager can quickly and easily be tailored to your IDD agency’s needs. And with implementation sessions being presented in a logical sequence, each session builds on the knowledge and skills that were previously covered. Plus, training sessions can be recorded so users always have material to refer back to. This embedded system provides users with step-by-step solutions when they need it most.

Error-Free Data Management Solutions for IDD Agency Success

Combine Vertex Client Payroll Manager with Vertex Vocational Time while using our visual-oriented Touch Data Entry tool to move data entry where it makes the most sense: with those that collect the time. With Vertex, IDD agencies no longer have to transcribe illegible time sheets into spreadsheets or various tools, as every component is integrated and can share data with each other. This means the time records entered by your staff are the same records used to process your payroll. And coupled with Vertex Case Manager and Billing Manager, these will be the same records that you use for billing, as well.

From there, the already-entered records flow seamlessly through the Vertex System and any duplicate (or even triplicate) data entry is effectively eliminated from the Client Payroll system. Now, IDD Agencies can enjoy the benefits of costs and time saved from no longer needing to fix data entry errors. Moreover, our Touch Utility feature provides pertinent information for employees who have not worked their expected hours, or have time entered outside of the employees standard work time. Productivity that is deemed too high or too low is then noted so as to catch potential data entry issues. With Client Payroll Manager Software, IDD agencies can avoid costly mistakes and have greater confidence in the accuracy of their data.

Vertex: Improving Data Entry & Compliance for IDD Agencies

If you’re in an industry that deals with sub-minimum wage, then you know that payroll headaches are a common occurrence. But with Vertex Client Payroll Manager, those days are behind you. Our solution is specifically designed for IDD agencies and takes all of the pain points into account. We automatically calculate piece-rated and productivity-based pay, so there’s no need to worry about compliance issues. And our extensive reporting displays productivity, average hourly rates, and job information effortlessly – making it easy to see how your IDD agency is performing. Get in touch with Vertex today to learn more about our Client Payroll Solution.

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