Vertex’s Year in Review: A Look Back at Our Accomplishments in 2022

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. 2022 was an eventful year for Vertex, as we released several new and improved features, attended several industry conferences, and continued our mission of providing IDD agencies and rehabilitative centers with a comprehensive software solution. In this blog post, we will take a look back at all of Vertex’s accomplishments in 2022, and give you an idea of what to expect from us in 2023. Thank you for being part of the Vertex community!

Vertex Features Rolled Out in 2022

2022 was a big year for Vertex. We released several new and improved features, and have been encouraging customers to move to our cloud solution,  VCloud. Our cloud solution allows customers to pay one simple monthly fee as opposed to paying for annual support fees, IT consultants, database maintenance, data security, backups as well as computer hardware maintenance.

Moreover, we have made several system enhancements to Vertex’ existing features, including:

  • Enhanced Support Scheduling
  • Created a new Person-Centered Plan Report
  • New Individual Support Plan Short Range Goals Report
  • Added North Carolina CAP Grid Report
  • Ability to use Billing Codes to flag non-EVV services
  • Ability to add EVV service records from with Case Manager
  • Enhanced Provider and Location Review pages
  • Added Acuity to Billing Manager
  • Recertified for PA EVV
  • Made improvements to Data Imports
  • Created a new Timecard module option to streamline Staff Time Tracking
  • Added Training Frequency to all Objectives
  • Enhanced Exports of data to be cleaner and easier for manipulation
  • Added Measurement Method to Case Manager
  • Enhanced the customer statement to improve address alignment

These are just a few of Vertex’s features that have been developed and released in 2022. We look forward to growing our list of features even more in 2023.

2022 Events & Promotions for 2023

Vertex had the exciting opportunity to attend MOHR Conference in Minnesota, giving us the opportunity to connect with others in the IDD and rehabilitative agency space. In doing so, we were able to discuss key Vertex web solutions that allow for streamlined billing in the state of Minnesota, such as ICF/MR Billing, Bookend Transportation, Automated Authorization Imports & Updates, Real Time Authorization Utilization Reports & Dashboards, CADI Billing,  Automated Department of Employment and Economic Development Grant Reporting, as well as our Full Subsidiary Ledger that includes Payment Posting Automation and Complete Re-bill Management​​​​.

As for our 2023 outlook? Our team is eager to join more in-person events and conferences to continue to build Vertex’s presence in the industry. Vertex will also continue to develop and release new features that make Vertex an even more comprehensive software solution for new and existing customers. This includes our knowledge base rollout, as well as our new referral program. Now, when customers refer other agencies to us, their organization will be credited $1,000! This is Vertex’s way of saying thank you for being part of the Vertex community, and helping our solution become more widespread in the IDD agency and rehabilitative industry.

Continuing Vertex’s Mission in 2023

Vertex is committed to providing the best possible software solution for IDD agencies and rehabilitative centers. We  have many exciting plans for 2023, and look forward to continuing our mission of simplifying the process for support professionals and the people they serve. Vertex’s features can make operations and documentation more efficient by allowing users to quickly access important data and records – ultimately freeing up time and resources that can then be dedicated to improving service delivery and creating positive client outcomes. In continuing to develop these features, Vertex will be able to reach even more agencies and centers in 2023, providing them with a comprehensive software solution that will transform their organization.

We are confident Vertex will continue to make strides in the software solution space in 2023 and look forward to continuing our mission of providing the best software solution available to our customers in the IDD and rehabilitative agency space.

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