Vertex’s Billing Manager: A Solution for IDD Agencies in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state that is greatly dedicated to increasing community time for its IDD consumers. In order to meet this goal, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has made significant changes to the CPS billing model. This new billing model has significantly increased the complexity of billing, which can lead to potential errors in data entry. That’s why Vertex created Billing Manager – a solution that streamlines the billing process and facilitates a better data management process. This leads to more time and money saved for your IDD agency. In this blog post, we will discuss how Vertex’s Billing Manager can benefit IDD agencies that are located in the state of Pennsylvania.

Why Billing Manager is the Solution of Choice for IDD Agencies 

Billing Manager was designed specifically for IDD agencies, making it the ideal solution for billing and authorization tracking. Billing Manager provides daily feedback to compare services delivered vs services authorized, ensuring that agencies are always in compliance with federal and state requirements. In addition, Billing Manager makes billing easier by creating invoices based on documentation that your DSPs provide on a daily basis. This streamlined process makes it easy to track all billing information and authorizations in real-time.

Billing Manager is the solution of choice for IDD agencies because it allows for more informed decision making. With accurate and up-to-date information, managers can make better choices about how to allocate resources and improve service. In addition, agencies that use Billing Manager have observed revenue increases of up to 5%. This means IDD agencies in Pennsylvania can benefit from a cost effective solution  and time savings while ensuring that they are always in compliance with state regulations.

Another reason Billing Manager is the solution of choice is because it saves time. Staff hours spent on billing tasks can be reduced by up to 70% with the use of this software. This frees up staff time to work on other projects and improve services. Lastly, Billing Manager provides comprehensive utilization reports. Managers can see their budget in comparison to units and dollars, as well as outstanding billing receivables. This information is invaluable for making strategic decisions about service delivery. 

Billing in the State of Pennsylvania: A Streamlined & Efficient Solution for IDD Agencies

Billing Manager is designed to capture errors as they happen and eliminate complex data entry processes for better overall care and support. In doing so, Billing Manager uses the community versus facility designations to ensure that a proper ratio is being maintained in order for billing to proceed. Our innovative Substitution Tables can determine how much service time should be billed for, and at what time. Community percentage is also available on a report where users can view the breakdown of each hour type. This makes it  easier for IDD agencies to ensure that they are in compliance with state regulations and maximize their resources.

Moreover, Billing Manager can also import authorizations from Promise’s documentation provided in July, thereby eliminating time consuming data entry. This means that IDD agencies no longer have to enter authorizations manually, freeing up staff time and reducing the potential for errors. Here’s a brief overview of the specific advantages that Billing Managers offers IDD agencies offers IDD agencies in Pennsylvania:

  • Eliminates the need to calculate the percentage of community time for the consumer while billing accordingly. Vertex handles this for you, thus saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Automatically uploads 837 and downloads 835 files from Promise.
  • Your only intervention when processing electronic payments is to set a posting date.  Vertex completes the rest of your payment workload automatically.
  • Users can import downloaded authorizations –  saving hours of data entry time.

Your IDD Agency’s Billing Process Has Never Been Simpler

Vertex Billing Manager offers comprehensive solutions for IDD agency billing complexities in Pennsylvania. It eliminates potential errors, streamlines the billing process, and gives you up-to-date reporting capabilities. This software provides agencies with all the tools necessary to stay in compliance with state regulations while still maximizing their resources and saving time.

Interested in learning more about how Billing Manager can benefit your IDD agency in Pennsylvania? Contact us today and let’s discuss how our solution can help you run a more efficient organization.

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