Cloud-Based Payroll Processing Solution: Making Complex Payroll Effortless

Tailored to match the specific in-house payroll needs of IDD agencies and rehab facilities, Vertex Systems offers a payroll processing solution embedded with a slew of features that revolutionize how healthcare organizations manage and process their payroll. This is a robust cloud based payroll processing solution built on Microsoft Business Central and powered by Sylogist Payroll. It handles complex payroll scenarios effortlessly, offering simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. 

A few salient features of the solution include:  

Accessible on Any Device

Vertex Systems’ cloud-based payroll processing solution offers flexibility in browser based remote access. It can be operated on any device, allowing users to manage payroll responsibilities anytime, anywhere.

Total Control Over the Payroll Process

The solution facilitates in-depth management of in-house payroll. It is highly configurable to accommodate a variety of payroll scenarios hence is designed to give you complete control without the need for development. 

Reducing Manual Data Entry 

The system provides the ability to import data from WorkForceHub, Vertex Client Payroll Manager or any other third party time collection system thus eliminating manual data entry and unlocking time savings.

Evolves Over Time

The cloud based payroll processing solution is built on Microsoft Business Central and powered by Sylogist Payroll. Updates and upgrades provided by these global giants ensure the solution grows with the changing organization landscape catering to the needs of the business as well as the governing authorities. 

Start Small and Expand

Since the solution is built on Microsoft Business Central ERP you can start small with just the payroll module and then even expand into using other areas such as Financials, Sales, Purchasing and Production as your requirements grow.

Make liability payouts a breeze

With our solution you could run a process that automatically transfers all your payroll liabilities to payables. Once transferred you are just a few clicks away from creating the payout to vendors either through computer checks or direct deposits (ACH).

Paperless Payouts

With features like direct deposits and electronic paystubs the solution offers the ability to go paperless on paying your employees. 

Regulatory Reporting

Year end and quarterly reporting is always a cumbersome process – it isn’t anymore with Vertex Staff Payroll. You can easily process your regulatory reporting though the solution with a click of a few buttons. The solution provides a wide variety of reports to crosscheck the numbers so it offers your agency convenience and satisfaction.  

Payroll Processing Software Use Case Study 

In 1975, Nolan Hinson’s vision led to the establishment of Johnston County Industries (JCI) in North Carolina. JCI has expanded to serve six counties, offering vocational rehabilitation and employment support. With certifications such as CARF and ISO90012015, JCI has grown globally, doubling revenues to over $10 million since 2013 and attracting clients like Caterpillar® and Electrolux.

Before implementing Vertex software, JCI encountered difficulties transferring manufacturing data to financial systems, leading to manual entry errors and labor-intensive payroll calculations. 

Contact Vertex Systems to Learn More about our Cloud-Based Payroll Processing Solution

Ready to make the shift to a more robust, cost effective and streamlined payroll system for your IDD agency or rehab facility? Contact Vertex Systems to learn more about how our cloud-based Payroll Processing Solution can transform your in-house payroll processing to be effortless. 

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