How to Bill for North Carolina’s IDD Billing Differences

Like many other states, North Carolina has specific billing regulations for intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) agencies. This can make billing and revenue management more complex for IDD agencies. Vertex System’s Billing Manager module ensures that North Carolina IDD agencies comply with the state regulations, while streamlining the billing process. In this blog, we will discuss how Billing Manager assists IDD agencies in North Carolina and beyond.

Flexible Billing Solutions for IDD Agencies in North Carolina

Vertex System’s Billing Manager module provides a flexible billing solution for North Carolina IDD agencies. Documents such as 837 and 835 files contain important billing and insurance claim information and it’s imperative that these are submitted and retrieved both accurately and timely. Using Billing Manager, IDD agencies in this state can benefit from its flexible configuration to handle service center billing by region.

Our tools enable users to automatically submit 837 and retrieve 835 files and process them with minimal user intervention. Moreover, users can effortlessly work with multiple funders that could have differences in billing codes or rules. Billing Manager saves countless hours of manual data entry into the funders portal. Users merely click “Create Invoices,” to bill funding sources with speed and accuracy.

Key Features & Capabilities of Vertex Billing Manager

Vertex Billing Manager provides IDD agencies in North Carolina and beyond with simplified billing processes as well as other mission-critical features and capabilities. From tracking billing information and authorization amounts in real time to providing feedback comparing services delivered versus services authorized, Billing Manager allows for more informed decision making and better financial management across the board.

Our solution has the ability to maximize the amount of services offered, reduce expenditure, and increase revenue up to 5%. Errors can be effectively minimized as the module will notify users if a certain process is not followed. For example, a client receives services they are not authorized for. In this case, users can enter an authorization or change the service in order to keep things systematic and organized.

Moreover, Billing Manager helps with managing authorization renewals, as the system will notify users when authorizations are due to expire. The authorization utilization report feature on the other hand displays your budget vs actual units and dollars – apprising you of any over and/or under utilization.

Vertex saves up to 70% of staff time on billing tasks such as:

  • Any necessary re-billing
  • Applying payments 
  • Making accurate calculations 
  • Authorization management
  • Billing invoice preparation

Vertex Billing Manager Streamlines Billing for North Carolina & Beyond

Vertex System’s Billing Manager module provides IDD agencies in North Carolina and beyond with the tools they need to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance when it comes to billing. Our solution simplifies the entire process by streamlining the submission of 837 files as well as retrieving 835 files quickly and easily.

Our solution helps with authorization management, billing invoice preparation, and more. Its features and capabilities are designed to maximize the amount of services offered, reduce expenditures, and increase revenue. With Vertex Billing Manager, IDD agencies in North Carolina can operate more effectively while reducing costs.

Interested in learning more about how  Vertex Billing Manager can benefit your North Carolina IDD agency? Contact us today for more information and to get started.

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