#1 Client Payroll Management Software Solution!

Client Payroll Manager streamlines the process of tracking prevailing wage surveys, time studies, commensurate hourly rates and piece rates. Our Client Payroll Manager gives your staff the right tool they need to accurately calculate earnings, track productivity and be DOL compliant. Our Client Payroll Manager has been field proven by hundreds of work centers and dozens of DOL audits. Vertex Client Payroll Manager has full compliance with CFR, Title 29, Chapter V, and Part 525 for Employment of Workers with Disabilities under Special Certificates. 

Client Payroll Manager handles all aspects of piece and hourly rate sub-minimum wage payroll, including all productivity calculations, D.O.L. reporting, job labor costing, benefit tracking, NISH reporting, and gross earnings calculations. Once you have calculated total hours and earnings, you can use the payroll system from Vertex Systems to do withholdings and printing of checks. This flexibility means you can use the same system to print checks for staff and consumers.

With Client Payroll Manager you can:

  • Track prevailing wage rates as well as target dates for wage classification surveys.
  • Keep track of each consumer’s productivity.
  • Track correct hourly-ratings, including hourly rate updates.
  • Calculate earnings, enforce rounding rules, and use correct wage rates so you stay compliant with D.O.L. regulations.
  • Calculate sick and PTO pay benefits based upon qualified hours of work or attendance.
  • Track labor expense by customer, job, and step for job-costing purposes.
  • Report wage expense by GL account so expenses can be entered into your general ledger.
  • Produce requisite information for WH-226 D.O.L. Special Minimum Wage application.
  • Supports Employee Research System (ERS) capabilities to report stats to Source America.
  • Eliminate paper timesheets and data entry by using a PC or tablet computer and Vertex Time and Attendance.
  • Produce hours with earnings and productivity reports over any range of dates.

When Client Payroll Manager is used in conjunction with Vertex Microsoft Dynamics NAV payroll, all your piece rate and hourly rate payroll records will be incorporated into one intuitive system. Alternatively, you can export gross earnings, calculate net pay and print paychecks in any payroll system. All the complexities of subminimum payroll are managed in Client Payroll Manager. And with Vertex Service Billing, your time entry data will flow seamlessly to your billing office to accurately bill for the services associated with time in the vocational program.

Time Collection at the Touch of your Finger

Using Client Payroll Manager with Vertex Time and Attendance eliminates errors the business office now receives and must correct by enabling your staff to use a tablet computer, PC or time clock to collect time, piece counts and attendance. Floor supervisors and job coaches cannot submit errors like they do with paper.

Accurate. Intuitive. Convenient.