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Making Billing a Breeze

Does your rehabilitation agency struggle with the tedious manual work involved in billing services? How many administrative steps does it take for your agency to get from providing a service to receiving payment? Our cloud-based Billing Champion software takes the service documentation your direct service providers enter and creates invoices from these same entries, making billing a breeze!

Bill up to 70% Faster With Billing Champion

Most agencies are burdened by complexity in billing, requiring a significant amount of manual and often duplicate entry, creating potential errors. The extra steps most service billing solutions require from users command valuable staff time. With Billing Champion, your rehab agency can save as much as 70 percent in staff hours. Billing Champion helps agencies benefit from automation of common billing tasks such as:

cloud-based software

Elevate Top-Line Revenue With Billing Champion

Many agencies struggle to manage authorized services, working hard to avoid underutilizing or overutilizing service authorizations. Billing Champion provides daily feedback comparing services delivered to services authorized for individual clients. With clear information, your agency is better-equipped to make agile and informed decisions about where to provide more or less service. As a result, your agency can stop leaving money on the table, stop giving unauthorized services and start raising top-line revenue by up to 5 percent.

Provide Accurate Billing With Billing Champion

Billing Champion helps ensure agencies provide accurate billing and reporting. With automated billing rules, complex billing requirements by funder are made easy. After setup, you need only enter the date range and generate the billing. If electronic connectivity is available with your funder, we automatically send the file, pick up acknowledgement and payment files, and post them.

Billing Champion allows your team to view a live status of all invoices, payments, invoice resubmits, replacement claims, denials and write-offs. Direct service providers are empowered with a dashboard that includes a live status of all authorizations and alerts them when they are over or under the spend goal for each one.

A Day
in the Life With Billing Champion

In your current situation, with billing due to be completed within a few days, you begin the process of verifying service time records from time sheets submitted by various staff members. You need to follow up on expected or actual errors, make the corrections, check that supporting documentation has been entered and verified, enter new service authorizations and complete billing. You simply are drowning in spreadsheets to track planned to actual and to track denials and resubmits.

There must be a better way.

Yes, there is, and it’s the Vertex way! Imagine using software that helps prevent users from finalizing invalid service records, making the need for edits minimal to nonexistent. Documentation compliance is monitored daily, ensuring that required documentation is entered before a DSP can end a service entry day. Service records are compared and matched with existing consumer authorizations so only authorized service time is billed. Now select the funding source you are billing, specify the date range and create your invoices.  It’s that simple!

The solution tracks everything for you and gives a live view of all current financial information and authorization amounts. All the spreadsheets are eliminated. Even better, Billing Champion can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-based Vertex ERP system.

cloud-based software

Unlock Expanded Capabilities for Billing Champion in Our Complete and Integrated ERP System

Vertex’s Service Billing software module is designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integrated system features robust and complete cloud-based software modules, accessible by any device, for rehabilitation agencies like yours. Whether your agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can trust that Vertex’s Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager software modules can meet your needs by unlocking efficiencies that make your team more productive, saving money and time.

Billing Champion may be licensed as part of a monthly or annual subscription. When Billing Champion is licensed alongside other software modules as part of the Vertex Solutions Suite, discounts may apply. Vertex’s friendly and helpful sales team is able to answer any questions you might have and ready to talk to you about licensing our software modules.


Billing Champion can create 837 electronic billing files for reimbursement from your State’s Medicaid. Billing Champion is flexible enough to be configured for most other funding sources such as local counties and other agencies. Creating an electronic 837 file for your state Medicaid is guaranteed. Paper invoices can be produced in one of several formats.

No. Vertex will assist you in the initial setup of funding sources, billing codes, reimbursement rates and authorizations as well as train you to update these items in the future. Using Billing Champion is as simple as entering new or updating existing authorizations and then creating invoices.

No. Change the rate in one place, and that’s all you need to do. Each rate is dated so you can enter the new rate in advance, and it will be used when the date is reached.


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