Create ease, convenience and satisfaction for managers and their whole teams.

Your rehabilitation agency’s managers likely invest a lot of time and experience a lot of stress in dealing with scheduling. From building and communicating schedules with employees to juggling schedule holes that pop up when employees book personal time off or call in sick, scheduling is a resource drain on your managers and agency as a whole.

Imagine the vital tasks your managers could get to if your agency had an employee scheduling software solution that could automate and streamline the bulk of this necessary work.

Enter Schedule Simplifier , your ticket to simplify the creation and management of complex schedules while accommodating employee preferences, required skills, labor law constraints and much more. Integration with TimeWorksPlus gives a complete view of planned schedules versus actual time worked.

Schedule Simplifier is a dynamic, multishift, requirements-based and advanced scheduling software module that creates ease, convenience and satisfaction for managers and their whole teams.

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Schedule Simplifier Can Free up Managers’ Time by Involving the Whole Team In the Scheduling Process

Beyond making scheduling easier for managers to oversee, it’s important to understand that all your employees will benefit from this module through accessing the app on mobile devices. When schedule changes, including the opening of shifts, are made, your whole team can view them on the app. Your team members can view their schedules, swap shifts, claim open shifts and offer shifts to fellow employees.

Change Your Agency Workflow

Schedule Simplifier Features

Schedule Planning

Create custom individual or group schedules for date, time or location. Repeat or customize for future schedules with draft planning versions

Schedule Changes

Display open shifts and available employees with best-fit criteria.

Schedule Enforcement

Lock-out based on custom thresholds and messages for early punching.

Schedule Access

Employee access to self-service portal for schedules, reminders, shift trade boards, time cards, time-off requests and PTO balances.

Schedule Simplifier Allows for Advanced Scheduling

A Day
in the Life with Schedule Simplifier

Imagine dealing with 20 employees, including part-time and full-time team members, who work various positions within multiple departments. These employees need to be scheduled to serve clients and ensure that maximum authorized hours are delivered. In addition, group services need to maintain specific ratios.

You, the manager, have waded through these variables, which are probably on several spreadsheets, and have your schedule set up. Then a staff member sends you an email that she can’t work next Wednesday, and your phone beeps with a text saying that another staff member is sick and can’t come in this afternoon.

Now imagine using software that lets you easily see who is available to pick up a last-minute open shift. Imagine your staff having the ability to take care of future shift changes with fellow employees and all you need to do is click “approve.”

Now imagine using software that allows you to select consumers who are present from a list of people expected to attend. Select the appropriate activity for the group, and Vertex Billing Manager will compare the activity with a list of pre-authorized services for that consumer. Required supports are listed in the order they should be executed, and each person’s outcomes and objectives are readily available for charting. View all this on one page!

This powerful software can do even more, such as:

In summary, Schedule Simplifier can schedule staff based on multiple variables, fill last-minute schedule changes and manage labor costs while providing your agency convenience and satisfaction. Even better, Schedule Simplifier can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-based Vertex ERP system.

Unlock Expanded Capabilities for Schedule Simplifier in Our Complete and Integrated ERP System

The Schedule Simplifier software module is designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integrated system features robust and complete cloud-based software modules, accessible by any device, for rehabilitation agencies.

Whether your rehab agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can trust that Vertex’s Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager software modules can meet your needs by unlocking efficiencies that make your team more productive, saving money and time.

Vertex’s Schedule Simplifier may be licensed for a monthly fee based on the number of people scheduled. When Schedule Simplifier is licensed with TimeWorksPlus or as part of the Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, discounts may apply.

Vertex’s friendly and helpful sales team is able to answer any questions you might have and ready to talk to you about licensing our software modules.


Yes. Once we help you set Schedule Simplifier up for your organization, scheduling is basically a drag-and-drop function.

Yes. Schedule Simplifier can schedule based on many variables such as location, position, department, tenure and certifications.

Staff can request to drop shifts and pick up open shifts through the software. All the manager needs to do is approve the change.

Managers can use the “Who can work this?” feature to find staff qualified and available to work the shift. Emails and text messages can be sent directly from the software to contact available staff.

Yes. Managers can set up schedules as far in advance as they’d like. Adjustments are easy to handle using Schedule Simplifier’s drag-and-drop capability. You can also leverage schedule templates to simplify the scheduling process.

Yes, Android and iOS apps are available.

Yes. Schedule Simplifier has a feature that lets your staff set their work preferences. Once approved, the system will warn you if you schedule someone during a time he or she cannot work.

Yes. Schedule Simplifier can be set up to handle labor laws such as maximum hours per day.

Schedule Simplifier can schedule 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Yes. Warnings can be set up when scheduling in Schedule Simplifier. Minimum and maximum hour requirements per employee can be set up as well.

Yes, Schedule Simplifier becomes even more powerful when integrated with TimeWorksPlus, our employee time and attendance software. Leveraging scheduled vs. actual time provides real-time feedback for missed or late shifts.


Looking for documentation about Schedule Simplifier?

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