Streamline IDD Agency Billing in Arizona

IDD agencies in Arizona can now breathe a sigh of relief by implementing Vertex’s electronic billing solution. This new module has streamlined billing, saving countless hours for IDD organizations statewide. Gone are the days of tediously compiling and mailing paper bills – with Vertex’s e-billing solution, IDD agencies can focus on what they do best: providing much-needed services to those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Billing Shortcuts for IDD Agencies in Arizona

Vertex’s comprehensive Billing Manager module enables significant time savings by simplifying the billing process for CBE, GSE, ISE, DTA, and Transportation services to WellSky using the new Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) billing codes. Now, IDD agency staff can use consumer authorizations to monitor customer utilization, and DSPs use special tools to alert staff when resources are not in use.

Users can create multiple funding sources to assist with service agreement offerings to service locations. Vertex’s built-in reporting presents data analyses of how you wish to view them while using particular traits to gather and group information. This process that might have taken staff hours or even days is now reduced to mere minutes of billing tasks.

Smart Electronic Billing Solutions Enable Better Decision Making

Vertex’s Billing Manager has revolutionized the way businesses handle their accounts receivable. Our cloud-based solution allows companies to create invoices quickly and easily from DSP documentation. In turn, this will enable them to track finances in real-time, providing daily feedback that helps to inform decisions on where to provide services. This streamlined process also allows IDD agencies to maximize services offered, reduce resources spent, and increase revenue – sometimes up to five percent. 

In addition to increasing efficiency, electronic billing can help to save staff hours wasted on manual tasks like managing authorizations, calculating units and dollars billed, preparing invoices, and re-billing payments. With our automated systems in place, agencies no longer need to put in extra effort into tedious billing administration tasks – freeing up resources for other initiatives instead. 

As IDD agency tools evolve and become more advanced, integrated electronic billing solutions are integral to many organizations’ operational processes. By ensuring that all necessary financial information is easily accessible and up-to-date at all times, IDD agencies can make smarter decisions faster – improving their overall profitability while simultaneously reducing time spent on tedious tasks.

Vertex: Electronic Billing & Payment Solutions for the Modern IDD Agency 

Vertex’s electronic billing solution is designed to make life easier and drive success for IDD agencies. Our user-friendly platform enables organizations to easily manage billing tasks, streamlining the entire process for busy DSPs. With the ability to create multiple funding sources, render billing in line with state-specific regulations, and view detailed reports and analytics – Arizona-based IDD agencies can save time and money while dramatically improving their service efficiency. 

Vertex is committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of every IDD agency in Arizona. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our electronic billing solutions that can help your organization take control of its finances.

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